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Thompson Center Encore Rifled Slug Barrels

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Five Saboted Slug Shots Under an Inch at 100 Yards - Our Encore 20 ga. Varmint Rifle!

Shoot Slugs with Rifle Accuracy in Your TC Encore!

  Install a 12 or 20 gauge rifled slug barrel on your Thompson Center Encore and shoot near minute of angle accuracy when you hunt deer! Just to see how good it can get, we built up the "20 Ga. Varmint Rifle" pictured above and shot the 3/4 inch 100 yd. group pictured. We used Remington Premier Core-Lokt Ultra 260 grain Hollowpoint Magnum Bonded Sabot Slugs in a TC Pro Hunter (PH) 20 ga. rifled slug barrel with EABCO KeyLock Magnum 2-Ring Mount. The thumbhole stock puts your eye at proper scope level. A parallax adjustable scope dials out parallax error... We built up a 20 ga. "Rifle" and it shoots like...  A Rifle!
Encore Rifled Slug Barrels (These Do Not Use Chokes)
ORDER 207-4824 PH 28" Stnls Fluted 12 Ga. Rifled NO SIGHTS $379
ORDER 207-4822 PH 28" Stnls Fluted 20 Ga. Rifled NO SIGHTS $399
ORDER 207-4234 Encore 26" Blue Barrel 20 Ga. Rifled w/FO Sights   $349
ORDER 207-4239 Encore 24" Blue Encore 12 Ga. Rifled w/FO Sights $359
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