Mueller Red Micro Dot Rifle Scopes - Mueller scopes have Japanese lenses, german coatings, and unique reticles with micro sized red dot centers
Mueller Red Micro Dot Rifle Scopes - Japanese Lenses, German Coatings, and Unique Reticles, Micro Dot Centers.
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Mueller Red Dot Scopes
  Mueller is one of  the best high quality scope bargains, feature for feature, in the world. Optically, they're made with the best Japanese Glass, Fully Multi-Coated with German lens coatings, Speed Focus Eyepiece, and Lifetime Warranty. But the feature they're most famous for are their Unique reticles with Illuminated Red Dots. The reticles are pictured below. As you can see, the dots are red when illuminated and black when the illumination is turned off. The crosshairs are always black. Please click on the images to enlarge and show details.
Mueller_reticle.gif (115106 bytes)
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Mueller27.gif (57385 bytes)
029-02732 Mueller 2-7X32mm
Mueller39.gif (72080 bytes)
029-03940 Mueller 3-9X40mm
Mueller416.gif (65020 bytes)
029-41650 Mueller 4-16X50mm
Mueller8525.gif (94709 bytes)
029-82550 Mueller 8.5-25X50mm
  Functionally, the Mueller has very fine adjustments with repeatable clicks and comes with dust covered target knobs. The 2-7X model features a circle dot reticle with the circle covering 15" at 40 yards and the dot covering an inch at 100 yards. The 3-9X, 4-10X, and 4-16X models have a German #4 post reticle with light 1/8th MOA center dot. The 8.5-25X model has a very fine target style crosshairs with 1/16th MOA center dot. Order Your's Today!
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INFO 029-02732 Mueller 2-7X32 Red Dot $149
INFO 029-03940 Mueller 3-9X40 Red Dot $159
INFO 029-3940EER Mueller 3-9x40 Ext Eye Relief $129
INFO 029-41650 Mueller 4-16X50 AO Red Dot $209
INFO 029-T41650 Mueller 4-16X50 AO Mildot $219
INFO 029-82550 Mueller 8.5-25X50 AO Red Dot $239
INFO 029-82550S Mueller 8.5-25X50 AO RD Silver $239
INFO 029-SS350 Stackable 3" 50mm Sunshade $16.95

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