PeepRib® Muzzleloader Sights - Advanced muzzleloader sight system for TC Encore and Omega muzzleloaders.

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PeepRib® Muzzleloader Peep Sight System

An Advanced, Precision Sight System for TC Encore, Omega and Other Popular Muzzleloaders...

  Our PeepRib® Aperture Sight fits TC Encore and Omega; CVA Accura, Optima, Wolf, and Kodiak; And now Traditions Vortek and Pursuit muzzle loading rifles. It combines a precision aperture sight with a scope mounting base. You can position a riflescope on and off your gun without upset-ting your aperture sight! It's great for using a scope to fine tune your handload accuracy and you can just remove the scope when hunting regulations don't allow it. The PeepRib® Aperture Sight itself is precision adjustable for windage and elevation and comes standard with a special High Definition Aperture for the clearest possible sight picture.
  An aperture sight (aka peep sight), mounted as close to your eye as possible, removes a huge amount of aiming error by simply increasing the sight radius (the distance between front and rear sights). Also, aiming error from rear sight light reflection is virtually eliminated with an aperture sight... so that the angle of the sun will not change your point of impact. Finally, the aperture itself improves the focus of your sight picture by funneling the light through a hole. (A camera will do much the same thing when you reduce the size of its aperture... the depth of field improves).

Info/Order 127-812 PeepRib Sight Encore/Omega $59
Info/Order 127-813 PeepRib Sight for CVA $59
Info/Order 127-815 PeepRib Sight for Traditions $59

Recommended Accessories...

Info/Order 23-10042 KeyLock Rings Pair Black $29.95
Info/Order 110-002 Merit Adjustable Aperture $44.95

Also for CVA Optima, Kodiak | Traditions

Info/Order 029-02732 Mueller 2-7x32mm Riflescope $149
Info/Order 127-S97M Model 97D 4-12x40mm PA Scope $159

PeepRib Peep Sights for CVA Muzzle Loaders
PeepRib Peep Sight on CVA Accura Rifle
PeepRib Peep Sights on a CVA Optima Muzzle Loading Rifle
CVA Optima Rifle with PeepRib Sight System
PeepRib Peep Sight for Traditions Muzzle Loaders
PeepRib Peep Sight on Traditions Vortek Rifle
Peep Rib Peep Sights on a Traditions Vortek Rifle Full Size
Traditions Vortek Rifle with PeepRib Sight System

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