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Personal Service - We work directly with your decorator to design treatments and select fabrics right at your home. Then, we custom fabricate your order locally at our shop.
● Professionally made Window Treatments, Drapes, Panels, Roman Shades, Cornices, Swags, Bedspreads, Duvets, Dust Ruffles, Upholstered Headboards, and Pillow Shams.
● We also do Slip Covers for Chairs and Small Sofas.
● Hundreds of Fabrics to Choose From - From the major manufacturers. See how they look on-sight in the daylight of your home.
We're Flexible - We have no problem doing your project with your material and will happily give you pricing and yardage quotes!
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  Here's How We Work - Window shape and the decor of your home play a major influence in the design of our window treat- ments. We visit with you in the daylight of your home so you can see how fabrics and colors will look on sight and, we coordinate your ideas with our designs. Here are some examples:
  Roman Shades - We do traditional and relaxed styles of Roman shades. Photo R3 (right) is a good example of coordinating with window shapes, ambient light, room decor and color. R3 repre- sents a functional arched Relaxed Roman shade treatment with trim on the hem. In photo R5 (right, left side, below) we did a Roman shade with contrast pleats and buttons finished with relaxed side hems. Photo R2 (right, middle, below) is a door treatment in Relaxed Roman shading with black lining over sheer Roman shades... Both shades are functional. Photo R1 (right, right, below) is a functional Relaxed Roman shade treatment we did in a small guest bathroom (note the designs in the fabric compliment the ornamentation of the light fixture). Photo R4 (below right) is a big, bright room we did in Two-Layer Roman Shades. The top layer is linen with blackout lining. The under layer is sheer, and the treatment is finished nicely with a straight valance and tassel trim. This design compliments the open, bright, uncluttered decor and structure of this classic sunny sitting room.
  Remember, we are fabricators as well as interior designers. Our workshop is fully equipped for commercial sewing and hardware fabrication so that we can create almost any window treatment.
  Custom Valances - The finishing touch in window treatments, we do valances in many styles. Photo R4 (below right) illustrates how a straight valance finishes a room with elegant simplicity. Photo V3 (right, below, left) is an entirely different style. Hanging on rings from an exposed wrought iron rod, this valance has a ruffled band over functional drapery panels that also have ruffled bands on the edges (Notice how this window treatment coordinates with the colors and styles of the room decor). The red gingham Kingston valance on tiebacks (below right center) sets off a beautifully coordinated window treatment with contrasting back, tassel trim and cascades. Photo V4 (below right) is a Shaped Hem valance with cascades in contrasting fabric and cord on the hems. The Rooster and Hen theme of this kitchen is included, too. Photo V2 (below left) shows another valance treatment for a sunny breakfast nook. In this one, the valance is on rings with a band on the hem. It's shown hanging from a wrought iron rod with finials. Just to the right of V4, the photo shows another Kingston valance... This one on Paris Texas tiebacks with stationary drapery panels. Tassel trim on the valance adds a rich, custom look and the valance itself hides 3-roller shades to give privacy when you want it.
  Other Window Treatments - While the Roman Shades and valances seem to be our most popular window treatments, we do many more from traditional draperies to exotic one of a kind shade systems. If you want something you've seen in a magazine, just show us and we can do it. Photo O1 (below right) is a good example: Arched cornice boards, covered with brown crushed velvet and finished with cord on the hem and nail heads. The woven shades under the cornice compliment the wood trim and room colors... And contrast nicely with the greenery (looks like it came out of a magazine, doesn't it?). In photo O5 (below right, left), we did a double drapery treatment with double iron rods. A sheer first layer on rings admits light while providing privacy. The front layer slides on grommets. Both layers are functional drapes. Photo O4 (below right, center) shows the elegance and functionality of silk panels with blackout lining. These hang on wood rings and curtain poles in a bay window overlooking lakefront. They open completely to admit the scenery, and they close completely for privacy. Photo O3 (below right, center right) shows matching drapery panels in the same house, these are fitted to double entrance doors, this time unlined panels with hand sewn rings on a wrought iron rod. And, photo O2 (below right, right) is another example of draped panels on rings with contrasting cuffs and lining on a wrought iron rod.
  Pillows, Slip Covers, Bedspreads, Etc. - These are the items that can bring the theme of a room together, tie the window treatments to the upholstery colors and style. Take a look at photo B4 (bottom right) and note how the fabric in the window treatments is matched in accent pillows and duvet band. The Duvet itself is silk. This magnificent bedroom illustrates Euro Shams with flanges, king pillows with cording, and accent pillows with brushed fringe. All are zippered over down forms. The pink love seat in photo B2 (bottom left) is accented in custom pillows with cord trim, ribbon fringe, shirred center, and down forms. They feel as rich as they look and they're made to tie the room to the love seat. The bottom center photo B3 shows some of our workshop capabilities. These are 4 inch thick bench cushions boxed with cording top and bottom. They're also reversible with a zipper closure on the back. The contrasting pillows are also corded and have two buttons... All over down forms. Buttons can be done in many sizes.
  Roman Shades Definition - Roman Shades are different from other types of window coverings in that they stack up in evenly sized panels when the shade is lifted. When the shade is lowered, they create a relatively smooth appearance. Different styles based on this functionality can give a variety of looks and functions.
  Valance Definition - A valance is an ornamental piece of drapery that's hung along a shelf, canopy, bed, or across a window. It's partly for decoration and partly to hide window treatment machinery and structural details (curtain rods and roller blinds, etc.).
  Cornice Definition - Valances can also be made of board or metal, upholstered, painted, or otherwise decorated to compliment the window and room decor. When this is done, the valance is technically referred to as a "Cornice"
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Wild Rose Interiors by Jane Purcell of White Bear Lake, MN 55110 ● Email wildroseinteriors@gmail.com

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