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Welcome to Alexandria Gun Club... The Nicest Little Shooting Range in Minnesota!

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The Range is Open... Let's Do Some Shooting!

A Place to... Shoot Groups With Your Rifle... Practice With Your Pistol... Join Up Today!
  If you own a gun, you need a place to shoot. And if you live in Alexandria, MN the place to shoot is at the Alexandria Gun Club! Located just a few minutes west of town, our club offers 100 yards of shooting range with target holders at 25, 50, and 100 yard distances. Covered shooting benches protect you from the hot sun, wet rain, and cold snow... Watch our winter video tour (right) to see the layout!
  Membership Is Easy! Just $60 is all it costs for annual membership. There are no additional range fees for members and your membership entitles you to use the range anytime during daylight hours. We are an NRA affiliated gun club, so you need to be an NRA member to join (we can sign you up along with your AGC membership if you like). Also, you need to be a good citizen - No criminal history. That's it!
  How to Join Alexandria Gun Club - Contact Janelle Roers AGC Secretary and Membership Administrator, by email or phone 320-760-7503. Fill out the Membership Application (pdf) and mail it in, then she'll send you a membership card and gate combination.
  This web page is sponsored independently by E. Arthur Brown Company and the Minnesota Carry Academy for the purpose of promoting membership in the Alexandria Gun Club. The official Alex Gun Club Officers are listed at right.   President - Rod Schultz, ph. 320-491-2911
Vice President - Rich Merten, ph. 320-762-0258
Secretary - Janelle Roers, ph. 320-760-7503
Treasurer - Dave Bartlow, ph. 320-846-3673

Map and Directions are on the June Newsletter PDF

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Janelle's AGC News...

Published April 10th, 2014
  Winter League Shooting Results. We've assembled the Winter League data into PDF format so you can download and read them or even print them out on your own computer printer:

One Hand Shooting Results PDF
Two Hand Shooting Results PDF

  2014 MEMBERSHIP DUES - Attached is the Club Membership Renewal form. We need this form included with your check so we have a backup paper record that you have paid your annual dues. Remember this membership includes your spouse and any children living in your home 18 years of age or younger. If you are not able to open the attachments please be sure to let me know. Click Here for Membership Renewal Form.
  Club Secretary Janelle Roers
  Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or would like something mentioned in a future emailing. Happy Hunting- Janelle Roers

AGC is On Facebook - Add Us to your "Likes"!

- Many thanks to Janelle Roers for setting up a Facebook Page for the Alexandria Gun Club. Take a look... Click AGC Facebook.  The Facebook page has been receiving alot of attention and updates with photos from AGC Members participating in shooting events!

Brock Lesnar Shooting at Alex Gun Club

  Last Summer, club president Rod Schultz got a call from Brock Lesnar and/or the Federal Cartridge company. Federal wanted to shoot some fun video of Brock shooting their ammo and needed a nice shooting range to look good on the video. Since Brock was training for a championship fight and his secret training camp was somewhere in the Garfield-Alexandria area, they naturally looked up the Alexandria Gun Club...
  Rod dropped everything at work to open up our range for the occasion. They shot the video and we even got a nice snapshot photo of Rod and Brock that appeared in the August 2010 Newsletter. The video was supposed to appear on YouTube and I kept watching for it and now finally found it!

Tuesday Nights (Winter 2011) at the Indoor Range 6:00 PM... It Was Fun!

First Night 23 League Shooters, 17 Open Shooters... Top photos by Janelle Roers, Bottom left by Dave Fitzgerald
Indoor Range Tour  Scott Berger, the guy in the red cap who is the Law Enforcement Coordinator gave us the tour. Very impressive facility. The Tour included the Armory, Gym, where tactical training is held. Shooting Range (automated) ten shooting stations with state of the art ventilation system, and can accommodate 22 long rifle up to 45cal. factory ammo. Anything that can be fired out of a pistol. The range is rated up to 50cal. rounds, but are not allowed due to damage they cause to the back stop. A High Tech. communications center is in the works. The new building also has a huge area used for tactical training with fake building fronts, multi-level stairs, and crawl spaces for the bad guys to hide in, to provide realistic situational training for the law Enforcement students. While all this is taking place, the instructors get a birds eye view from an elevated cat-walk system to observe them while training. - Dave Fitzgerald, Club Secretary

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