Thompson Center Arms Encore and Pro Hunter Rifle and Pistol Frames with Stocks and Grips

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Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter Frame with no stocks

NEW! Bare Frames w/No Stocks!

TC Encore Pro Hunter (PH) Rifle Frames

Info/Order T/C Encore PH Stnls BARE Frame w/No Stocks
ORDER 207-1887 Pro Hunter Blue Frame w/Flextech Stocks
ORDER 207-1870 Pro Hunter Stnls Frame w/Flextech Stocks
ORDER 207-1875 Pro Hunter Stnls Frame w/Camo Flextech Stocks 
ORDER 207-1883 Pro Hunter Stnls Frame w/Camo Thumbhole Stock
ORDER 207-1885 Pro Hunter Stnls Frame w/Black Thumbhole Stock
ORDER 207-6297 PH Weather Shield Frame w/Flextech Stocks
ORDER 207-6299 PH Weather Shield Frame w/Camo Flextech Stocks

Encore Rifle and Pistol frames include frame, grip or buttstock and forend.

TC Encore Pistol Frames

ORDER 207-1876 Pro Hunter Pistol Frame Stainless/Rubber

  Our T/C Frames are Factory New, available either as just the frame with no stocks or as originally packaged by the factory as a frame assembly including stocks. All are factory new, under full warranty with all papers, manual, and lock.
  10% Off Any Stocks Ordered with a New Frame - If you would like a different stock for your new frame or stocks for your other Encore or Pro-Hunter, add them to your new frame order and get a 10% discount off our regular price.
  Package Deal Action Job - Get the nice trigger you need to shoot accurately. Order your frame with our Action Job and it'll have a nice trigger pull at a package deal $10 discount.
  $50 Off Your First Accuracy Barrel - Order your T/C frame from E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc and we'll include a coupon for $50 off when you order an EABCO Accuracy Barrel... Collecting barrels is a big part of the fun of owning a T/C Encore, Pro Hunter, or G2 Contender!
Orders for barrels, stocks, and other accessories can ship directly to you. Frames must ship to your local FFL dealer.

Here's an explanation of Thompson Center Encore and Pro Hunter frames. The frames themselves are all "Encore". "Pro Hunter" is a fancier version of Encore... But it IS an Encore. What differs are the buttstocks, forends, and grips that they come with. Once you own an Encore (or Pro Hunter) frame, you can convert it to any Encore (or Pro Hunter) based firearm by simply purchasing a different barrel and stock combination.

encore buttstocks encore rifle forends

-  Encore Pistol Grips & Forends -

ORDER 207-7652 Rubber Grip $31
Info/Order 207-7654 Rubber Forend $20
ORDER 207-7720 Walnut Pistol Grip $65
Info/Order Pachmayr Encore Grip $35
Info/Order Pachmayr Encore Forend $27
Info/Order Pachmayr Encore SET $59.95

tc encore grips

Note: Pro Hunter stocks and forends also fit standard Encore and vice versa.

Thompson Center Encore
Stocks, Forends, Grips-
T/C Encore Butt Stocks -

ORDER 207-7706 Composite $62
ORDER 207-7722 Walnut  $131
ORDER 207-7623 Walnut Youth 13" $133
ORDER 209-70710 Walnut Stock SET $169
ORDER 207-7803 Thumbhole Walnut RH $139
ORDER 207-7879 Pro Hunter Flextech Black $91
ORDER 207-7853 Pro Hunter Flextech Camo $139
ORDER 207-7881 Pro Hunter Thmbhle Camo $136
ORDER 207-7883 Pro Hunter Thumbhle Black $122

-T/C Encore Rifle Forends -

ORDER 127-7661 Composite Forend Black $21
ORDER 207-7660 Composite Heavy Barrel $38
ORDER 207-7660 Katahdin Composite $38
ORDER 207-7701 Hardwoods Camo 24-26" bls $50
ORDER 207-7704 Walnut  $64
ORDER 207-7656 Walnut Heavy $64
Info/Order 207-7723 CS Bull Barrel Walnut $94
Info/Order 207-7724 Katahdin/CS Heavy Walnut $94
ORDER 207-7569 Pro Hunter Composite $37
ORDER 207-7571 Pro Hunter Camo $60
ORDER 207-7592 Pro Hunter XT AP Camo $57
ORDER 127-108 Replacement Forend Screws $3.95

-T/C Encore Shotgun Forends -

ORDER 207-7682 Composite 12 Ga $38
ORDER 207-7683 Hardwoods Camo 12 Ga. $60
ORDER 207-7687 Composite 20 Ga. $38
ORDER 207-7880 Hardwoods Camo 20 Ga. $60
ORDER 207-7699 Hardwoods 12 Ga. ML $60
ORDER 207-7664 Walnut 20 Ga. $64
ORDER 207-7593 Walnut 12 Ga $64
ORDER 207-6011 Pro Hunter Composite 12 Ga $49
ORDER 207-6013 Pro Hunter Composite 20 Ga $49
ORDER 207-6711 Pro Hunter Camo 12 Ga $65
ORDER 207-6713 Pro Hunter Camo 20 Ga $65

-Encore Muzzle Loader Forends -

ORDER 207-7710 Composite 209X50/45 $31
ORDER 207-7149 Hardwoods 209X50/45  $54
ORDER 207-7699 Hardwoods 12 Ga. Mzldr  $60
ORDER 207-7662 Walnut  209X50 $64
ORDER 207-7514 Pro Hunter Black 209X50 $42
ORDER 207-7567 Pro Hunter Camo 209x50 $62

pro hunter buttstocks

Thompson Center Encore
Scope Mounts and Accessories

ORDER 207-9899 Weaver Base Black $14.95
ORDER 207-9907 Weaver Base Stainless $15.95
ORDER 207-9949 Weaver 12 Gauge Base $25
ORDER 207-9864 Rimfire Base Black $15.95
ORDER 207-9862 Rimfire Base Silver $16.95
ORDER 23-10042 KeyLock Rings Pair $29.95
ORDER 207-7211 E-Z Tip Extractor $17.75
ORDER 207-7478 Rifle Case w/Barrel Pouch $63
ORDER 207-7983 Power Rod 28" Pro Hntr $34.99
ORDER 207-7979 Encore Power Rod 26" $33.99
ORDER 207-7501 Pro Hunter Rifle Sling $34.95

Pro Hunter vs. Encore
They are the same gun only the Pro Hunter is a fancy version of the Encore. Barrels, frames, stocks, and scope mounts are interchangeable.
Pachmayr Grips and Forends for T/C Encore
Pachmayr Stocks for Encore
Pachmayr Grips and Forends for T/C G2 Contender
Pachmayr Stocks for G2 Contender
Pachmayr Grips and Forends for T/C Contender
Pachmayr Original Contender

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