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Hawke Deer PASS Rifle Scopes - Fast Aiming Slug Gun Riflescopes with Point and Shoot System

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Ballistic Reticle Slug Gun Scope Sale - Blow Out Prices!

Hawke Deer PASS Slug Gun Scopes

Hawke Deer PASS 3-9x40 Only $59! Sold Out     |     Hawke Deer Pass 3-9x40 EV Only $79 Sold Out

Hawke Deer PASS Scopes give FAST Aiming for Slug Hunters

Fit the Deer Between the Brackets, then Use the Crosshair Between the Brackets to Aim...

  Hawke Deer PASS stands for Point And Shoot System, a Reflex-Fast shooting reticle for slug gun deer hunters.
  Simple and Fast - Don't let the illustration put you off. You simply find the bracket that the deer fits between and aim with the crosshair in the middle of the bracket. In mere seconds... you have found the range and aimed accordingly without thinking about it!
  Three Ways to Bracket - The Hawke Deer PASS reticle has range finding brackets to fit the deer body, the deer head, and the white around the deer eye. No matter what part of the deer is sticking out of the brush, you will always have a bracket to find his range. Then, you just aim dead on with the crosshair in the center of that bracket. Simple, Fast, and Deadly...
  Chart or Program - The Deer PASS reticle is specifically pro- grammable for your slug load with free BRC Software. Or, you can use the pre-programmed chart that comes with the scope.
Hawke Deer PASS Slug Gun Scopes
Hawke Deer Pass SR Riflescope
Hawke Deer Pass MAP Scope
Hawke Deer PASS SR - The "SR" or Special Reticle version of this scope is a 3-9x40mm with side adjusting illuminated reticle. The optics are fully multicoated EV... Extended View wide angle. 1/4 MOA click Target Knobs with dust covers, Fast Focus Eye- piece, and durable one-piece tube construction. Waterproof, shockproof, fogproof. Click Info/Order for photos and specs...
  Info/Order Hawke Deer PASS SR 3-9x40 (list $219) $179
Hawke Deer PASS MAP Scopes - The "MAP" or Multiple Aiming Point versions of this scope have non-illuminated reticles. They're 3-9x40mm with 1/4 MOA dust covered target knobs and Fast Focus Eyepieces. The EV model is the deluxe Wide Angle version. Both are waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof.
 SOLD OUT Hawke Deer PASS MAP EV 3-9x40 (list $150) $79
 SOLD OUT Hawke Deer PASS MAP 3-9x40
(list $110) $59
Hawke Deer Pass Slug Gun Scopes Hawke Deer Pass Slug Scopes
Prod ID  Model Reticle Exit Pupil FOV@100yds Eye Relief Lgth Wt
019-3254 3-9X40 EV/IR SR 4.4-13.3 44.1-14.7 ft 3" 12.1" 14.9 oz
019-3252 3-9X40 EV MAP 4.4-13.3 44.1-14.7 ft 3" 12.1" 13.22 oz
019-3250 3-9X40 MAP 4.4-13.3 36-12 ft 3.5" 12.8" 13.93 oz
EV Optical System - Engineered to give 20% more Field Of View. That means quicker target acquisition and less eye strain.
Attn Muzzle Loaders - The 250 gr TC Shock Wave at 1623 fps, uses ED value .0667 in the BRC software with these scopes.

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