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QB78 Accessories and Repair Parts

QB78 Accessories and Repair Parts for the Chinese Bolt Action CO2 Rifles. Replacement parts including seals and seal kits. Tune up parts including a QB78 2-stage trigger job or trigger tune. Also available is a velocity increasing tune-up replacement bolt, bolt handle, shop manual, and scope mounting systems.
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The QB78 CO2 Pellet Rifle has evolved from the original Crosman 160 Bolt Action CO2 pellet gun. The QB78 is made in China and has gained quite a wide following since it began importing into the USA. Powerful enough for small game and pests, satisfying to own with its blue steel and hardwood stock, and fun to customize with all of the available add-ons. Get yourself a QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Rifle and add a new level of fun to your shooting hobby.