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QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Rifles

QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Rifles
  The QB78 family of CO2 rifles are the direct descendant of the famous Crosman 160 bolt action CO2 rifles. A "Chinese Copy" to put it accurately, but introduced in the US long after the original Crosman 160 had been discontinued. They've always been surprisingly inexpensive considering the blue steel and hardwood stocks they're made from. And over the years they've become more and more refined and have gained a wide following. We like to say the QB78 is the Ruger 10/22 of airguns because it has such a wide array of accessories, upgrades, and things you can do to build your own unique rifle. The current family of QB78 rifles include the standard QB78, QB78 Deluxe, AR2078 Match Rifle, QB79, and are available with a wide assortment of accessories, parts, tune-up kits, and repair services. See our QB78 Home Page for more...

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Review by Eben Brown -
  The QB78 pellet rifle was a Chinese copy of the discontinued Crosman 160 when I bought one out of Shotgun News years ago. It was crude but accurate... And I loved it. Those early years were tough for QB78 owners because nobody knew how to fix them when they broke down. But all of that has changed BIG TIME. Knowledge, repair parts, and accessories for the QB78 rifles are now readily available for very little money. For example, I just finished resealing, tuning, and accessorizing my old QB78 and it looks and shoots better than it ever did.
  And CO2 powered rifle technology has come a long way with the evolution of paintball guns and bulk CO2 availability. You can go as simple or sophisticated as you want with the QB78 based rifles... You won't spend alot of money, and you'll have a remarkable shooting system. The QB78 is recoilless, powerful enough for pest control, and more accurate than most of us can shoot. No pumping or barrel cocking or expensive SCUBA fill tanks to buy.