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P.O. Ackley Handbooks for Reloaders - Vol I or Vol II

P.O. Ackley Handbooks for Reloaders - Vol I or Vol II
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Price: $19.00
Product ID : 129-PO12
Manufacturer: E. Arthur Brown Company
Shipping Weight: 1.50 lbs
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Vol II


P.O. Ackley Handbooks for Reloaders - Vol I (Sold Out) and Vol II
   P. O. Ackley was the gunsmith and wildcat cartridge designer behind the "Ackley Improved" cartridges you've heard so much about. These handbooks contain articles and load data that explain the designs of Parker O. Ackley as well as the tests he did and other influences upon his thinking. We sold hundreds of these books before they went out of print. Then recently we found some more and bought out the entire supply! So here they are again...
  P. O. Ackley Volume I with Charts - Sorry, Sold Out - This is the original "Must Have" volume for Ackley fans. It contains articles on killing power, reduced loads, wind drift, pressure, headspace, bore capacity, sectional density, and more... Plus load data for cartridges in 17 Ackley Hornet thru 600 Nitro. As a bonus, we're including with each copy of Volume I, a packet containing original E. I Dupont smokeless powder ballistic charts, suitable for framing or posting in your reloading room. It was quite a value for the price... Now All Sold Out.
  P. O. Ackley Volume II $19 - This book contains additional articles on the strength of military actions, causes for blowups, gun shot wounds, testing wildcat cartridges, case life, bullet energy, recoil and burn rates "quickness" of gun powders... Plus load data for cartridges from .14 Jones through 460 Weatherby.
  Order above... You will enjoy reading and referring to these books for the rest of your life. No kidding!

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