TC Dimension Switch Barrel Bolt Action Rifle at EABCO - Interchangeable Barrels, Bolts, and Magazines Rifle System

Dimension Bolt Action Rifles Only $569*!

TC's Amazing Switch Barrel Bolt Action Rifle System... Order NOW and Save!

 T/C Dimension Rifle

T/C Dimension™ Switch-Barrel Rifle

Interchangeable Barrels, Bolts, and Magazines

  Thompson Center's new Dimension™ Bolt Action Rifle is a "Platform" that can switch barrels, bolts, and magazines for almost ANY cartridge! It's actually a modular system with labels designating A, B, C, or D components that match cartridges...
  For example, components from the "B" category work with .308, 7-08, .243, and 22-250 cartridge... "A" components work with .223, and .204... "C" is 30-06, 270... And so on. Each complete Dimension rifle comes with a torque wrench kit for super quick interchanging between cartridges (videos at right).
  The Dimension has a special "Bridge" scope mount (sold separately) that keeps the scope with the barrel, still sighted in! This allows you to have a zeroed scope with each barrel.  Or, you can mount one scope to the receiver and leave it there... Because the receiver comes with scope bases.
  The Dimension trigger is adjustable from 3.5-5 lbs. Even the composite stock is unique: Removable stock spacers for length of pull adjustment; A universal free float barrel channel; and a special design cheek rest to align your eye properly with a scope.
Dimension Quick Start PDF | Dimension Spec Sheets PDF | Dimension User Manual PDF

T/C Dimension™ Rifles, Barrels, Bolts, and Accessories

Complete Rifles (Both RH and LH Now Available)

Info/Order 207-8409 Dimension Rifle "A" 204 Ruger $569
Info/Order 207-8411 Dimension Rifle "A" 223 Rem $569
Info/Order 207-8400 Dimension Rifle "B" 22-250 Rem $569
Info/Order 207-8402 Dimension Rifle "B" 243 Win $569
Info/Order 207-8413 Dimension Rifle "B" 7mm-08 $569
Info/Order 207-8404 Dimension Rifle "B" 308 Win $569
Info/Order 207-8403 Dimension Rifle "C" 270 Win $569
Info/Order 207-8414 Dimension Rifle "C" 30-06 $569
Info/Order 207-8416 Dimension Rifle "D" 7mm Rem Mag $569
Info/Order 207-8410 Dimension Rifle "D" 300 Win Mag $569

LH Receiver/Stock Assemblies CLOSEOUT

Info/Order Dimension Receiver/Stock Assbly LH $289

Dimension Accessories

Info/Order 207-9979 Bridge Scope Mount $99
Info/Order 134-200M Warne Low Rings for Bridge $33.57
Info/Order 23-10042 Keylock Rings Pair (Receiver Mt) $29.95
Info/Order 207-9425 Dimension Torque Wrench Kit $59
Info/Order 207-DMAG Dimension Spare Magazines $29

Barrels, Blue (Includes Magazine Group)

Info/Order 207-8109 Dimension 22" Barrel "A" 204 Ruger $204
Info/Order 207-8111 Dimension 22" Barrel "A" 223 Rem $204
Info/Order 207-8100 Dimension 22" Barrel "B" 22-250 Rem $204
Info/Order 207-8102 Dimension 22" Barrel "B" 243 Win $204
Info/Order 207-8113 Dimension 22" Barrel "B" 7-08 Rem $204
Info/Order 207-8104 Dimension 22" Barrel "B" 308 Win $204
Info/Order 207-8103 Dimension 24" Barrel "C" 270 Win $204
Info/Order 207-8114 Dimension 24" Barrel "C" 30-06 $204
Info/Order 207-8116 Dimension 24" Barrel "D" 7mm Mag $204
Info/Order 207-8110 Dimension 24" Barrel "D" 300 Win Mag $204

Bolt Assemblies (Right and Left Hand)

Info/Order 207-8600 Dimension Bolt Assbly "A" RH $144
Info/Order 207-8601 Dimension Bolt Assbly "B" RH $144
Info/Order 207-8602 Dimension Bolt Assbly "C" RH $144
Info/Order 207-8606 Dimension Bolt Assbly "D" RH $144
Info/Order 207-8603 Dimension Bolt Assbly "A" LH $144
Info/Order 207-8604 Dimension Bolt Assbly "B" LH $144
Info/Order 207-8605 Dimension Bolt Assbly "C" LH $144
Info/Order 207-8607 Dimension Bolt Assbly "D" LH $144