Volquartsen Custom 10/22 and Ruger Mk III Accessories - Ruger 10/22 Barrels and Parts, Custom Mk I, II, III, and 22/45 !

Volquartsen Custom Gun Parts and Accessories

For the Ruger MK I, II, III, & 22/45 Pistol   |   For the Ruger 10/22 Rifle

  The Volquartsen name is famous... First for the exotic and  custom innovations they pioneered on the Ruger MK series of auto pistols. And later for doing the same things with Ruger 10/22 rifles. Pictured to the right is a Ruger Mk III Pistol that has been customized with a Volquartsen trigger system, extended bolt release lever, extended magazine release button, Volquartsen's trademark Volthane target grips, and more...
  The quality and effectiveness of Volquartsen accessories win new customers without much sales pressure. At EABCO, we started selling the Volquartsen MK III trigger systems because customers were asking for them. We began to add more items for both the Ruger 10/22, MK III and 22/45 and each new Volquartsen product that we've added has sold extremely well.
  Our Volquartsen Shopping Cart lists and pictures all of our Volquartsen line in one place. Please scroll down for more info...
Volquartsen Custom Ruger Mk III Pistol with Volthane Grips
Trigger Job Kit | 10/22 Trigger Guard | Volthane Grips | Diamond Fluted 10/22 Barrels  | 10/22 Stabilizer | LLV Upper
Magazine Ejectors | Carbon Fiber Barrels | Laminated Grips | Forward Blow Compensator  | Alum MK Frame

Volquartsen Ultralite 10/22 Barrel

15 Oz Base Weight with Threaded Muzzle Swings On Target Fast
  Designed for receiver mounted scopes, this new carbon fiber tension barrel weighs in at the lightest possible base weight... Only 15 oz! And accuracy is superb. The stainless steel inner barrel is tensioned into a carbon fiber sleeve... This gives it the same stiffness and vibration deadening as a heavy all steel target barrel. The light weight is especially handy for fast action competition shooters but, hunters will appreciate the light weight too.
Volquartsen Ultralight Ruger 10/22 Barrel
  The Volquartsen approach to accuracy in these barrels is this: The stainless steel core of these barrels is referred to as "THM" for Taper Honed Match barrel and chamber. The bore and chamber dimensions vary no more than .0001" from breech to muzzle... That's 1/10,000th of an inch. "Taper Honed" refers to the polish of the bore and the improved transition from the chamber to the bore. Dimensions are confirmed by digital measurements.
  These barrels come with the muzzle threaded 1/2 x28 to fit popular muzzle brakes and suppressors. And, an attractive thread protector is included for those who like to shoot without muzzle accessories. Quite a unique system... Order Your's Today!
  Order/Info Volquartsen Ultralite Barrel for the Ruger 10/22 $249

Volquartsen Trigger and Accurizing Kit for Ruger Mk II, III, and 22/45

Volquartsen Trigger Job Accurizing Kits...

Upgrade Your Ruger Mk II, III, or 22/45 with a Match Trigger & More!

  This is the Volquartsen accessory that launched our Ruger Mk III expansion. Our production manager Royce installed this kit in his Ruger 22/45 and it leap-frogged him into first place at the local pistol league. The other shooters asked how he got so good all of a sudden and he told them about his new Volquartsen Trigger Job Accurizing Kit. They tried his gun... And then they all wanted kits installed in their guns.
 Complete drop-in kit for the Ruger MKII/MKIII (MkIII kit will also fit 22/45) to provide a crisp, clean 2.25 lb trigger pull (pull may vary slightly due to factory frame variances). The kit includes an extended bolt release, target hammer, target sear, target trigger w/ overtravel screw, return trigger plunger spring and polished plunger. No stoning required.
  Order/Info Volquartsen Trigger Job Accurizing Kits $91-$101

Volquartsen 10/22 Trigger Job Trigger Guard Assembly

Replace Your Entire Trigger System with All Metal Match Grade Volquartsen
  A complete CNC machined trigger guard equipped with precision EDM parts. It features an internal pretravel adjustment that is set at the factory in order to greatly reduce pretravel usually found on the factory trigger guard. The hammer, sear and disconnector are precision wire EDM cut from A2 hardened tool steel with tolerances being held to +/- .0002" assuring every trigger let off to be extremely consistent.
  The CNC machined trigger is hard black anodized and equipped with an overtravel adjustment screw. The trigger is reset internally to eliminate any dragging or inconsistencies caused by a conventional trigger plunger. Includes an automatic bolt release and an extended magazine release... Superb, Crisp Trigger.
  Info/Order Volquartsen 10/22 Trigger Job Trigger Guard Assembly $214
Volquartsen 10/22 Trigger Guard Assembly

Extended Bolt for Ruger Mk II and Mk III by Volquartsen

  A Volquartsen Competition Bolt improves the reliability and functionality of your Ruger Mk II or Mk III Pistol. The most obvious feature is the extended gripping knob at the rear of the bolt... It's much easier to grasp than the factory bolt. Also incorporated into this bolt are an Exact Edge Extractor and a SureStrike Firing Pin... These two parts will eliminate stovepipes and misfires. And like all Volquartsen parts, the machining and assembly of these bolts are held to closer fitting tolerances than factory mass production parts.
  Info/Order Volquartsen Competition Extended Bolt for Mk II and Mk III $152.99
Volquartsen Mk III Bolt

Volquartsen Volthane Grips for the Ruger MK II and Mk III

Volquartsen Volthane Grips for Ruger MkII/MkIII

  Famous "Volthane" grips by Volquartsen come in versions to fit the Ruger Mk II and Mk III. Designed to position your hand exactly the same everytime you grip the pistol, these grips are an aid to accuracy and consistency. Featuring a thumbrest, heelrest, and finger grooves, these grips allow for a relaxed, natural pointing, repeatable hold. (a left handed version is currently available for the Ruger Mk II... Sorry, no LH for the Mk III)
  The Volthane material itself is a comfortable, molded rubber material that's impervious to sweat and moisture. It won't warp and will look beautiful for years of shooting.
  Bonus Accessories - The Mk II grips come with the Extended Bolt Release, Grip Screws, Washers and Allen Wrench. Mk III grips come with all of that PLUS an Extended Magazine Release... Yes, these grips are a major upgrade value!
  Info/Order Volquartsen Volthane Grips for Ruger MkII/Mk III  $39.94 - $49.95

Volquartsen Diamond Fluted 10/22 Tension Barrels

Threaded Tension Tuned Accuracy Barrels w/Optional Muzzle Brake

  The Volquartsen approach to making a lighter weight barrel for the Ruger 10/22 is unique... Use the lighter weight to enhance the accuracy and cooling characteristics. The stainless steel core of these barrels is referred to as "THM" for Taper Honed Match barrel and chamber. The bore and chamber dimensions vary no more than .0001" from breech to muzzle... That's 1/10,000th of an inch. "Taper Honed" refers to the polish of the bore and the improved transition from the chamber to the bore. Dimensions are confirmed by digital measurements.
  The "core" of these barrels is a small diameter match grade barrel. Now, as diameters get smaller, the potential for vibration increases. Volquartsen reduces vibration by TENSIONING the core within the light weight aluminum sleeve. The result is a lighter barrel with the same stiffness and vibration deadening as a heavy match barrel... Click More Info...
  Info/Order Volquartsen Diamond Fluted 10/22 Tension Barrels from $350 - $430
Volquartsen 10/22 Barrels Diamond Flute Tension Barrels

Ruger Mk III and 22/45 Magazine Ejectors

Volquartsen Magazine Ejectors for the Ruger Mk III and 22/45

  For the 22/45 - The Volquartsen Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector Base Pad for the Ruger 22/45 will improve the “mag drop” of the factory magazine. Its unique design uses spring pressure to forcefully remove the magazine from the grip frame. The innovative design not only aids in magazine removal but also adds an extension to the bottom of the magazine to make magazine reloads quick and reliable every time. Simply remove the magazine floor plate from a factory 22/45 magazine and replace with this ejector for an enhanced shooting experience!
  For the MkIII - The easy to install Volquartsen Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector will eliminate the hang ups and provide a forceful magazine ejection each and every time.
  Info/Order Volquartsen 22/45 Magazine Ejector Base Pad $28
  Info/Order Volquartsen Spring Loaded Mk III Magazine Ejector $27

Volquartsen Carbon Fiber 10/22 Tension Barrels

  The "original" lightweight tension barrel... A stainless Taper Honed Match (THM) barrel that's tensioned within a carbon fiber sleeve to create a very rigid, accurate, light weight Ruger 10/22 barrel. Available with the muzzle threaded 1/2x28 (to accept standard muzzle brakes and suppressors) or with the Volquartsen Forward Blow Compensator already installed. Superb accuracy in a match grade barrel.
  Info/Order Volquartsen Carbon Fiber 10/22 Tension Barrels from $269 - $366
Volquartsen THM Carbon Fiber Tension Barrels for the Ruger 10/22

Volquartsen Laminated Grips for the Ruger Mk III

Volquartsen Laminated Mk III Target Grips

  Serious Bullseye Competitors and target shooters know that the slightest change in grip position can change your point of impact even when your sights and aiming eye are aligned the same from shot to shot. The purpose of these Target Grips is to position your hand in as close to the same place every time you pick up your gun... Improving your accuracy potential!
  Laminated Target Grips by Volquartsen for the Ruger Mk III feature thumb rest, heel rest and finger grooves. Designed to give the shooter a relaxed, steadier hold. CNC machined from laminated wood. Includes extended bolt release, extended magazine release and four allen head screws. Available in several colors...Brown, Gray or Brown/Gray.
  Info/Order Volquartsen Laminated MK III Target Grips $127

Volquartsen Forward Blow 10/22 Compensator

1/2x28 Thread Fits Volquartsen, EABCO, and Tactical Solutions Barrels
  Volquartsen's "Forward Blow" 10/22 Compensator is designed to stabilize the muzzle while directing noise away from the shooter. It has 16 precisely machined ports that are angled in a forward direction. Threaded 1/2" x 28, the Forward Blow Compensator fits our Volquartsen barrels (above), threaded EABCO Accuracy Barrels, and Tactical Solutions threaded muzzle barrels.
  Available in two finishes: Silver and black. The .920" diameter matches the standard .920 diameter of most 10/22 target barrels perfectly.
  Info/Order Volquartsen Forward Blow 10/22 Compensator $102
Volquartsen Forward Blow Compensator Muzzle Brake for the Ruger 10/22

Ruger 22/45 Grips by Volquartsen

Volquartsen Aluminum Grips for Ruger 22/45

  Ruger's 22/45 version of the Mk II and Mk III pistols has gone through a few changes since it was first introduced... Each time looking and functioning more and more like the Colt 1911. The latest version Ruger Mk III 22/45 Pistols have replaceable grip panels (older ones don't).
  So now, you can replace your factory 22/45 grips with precision machined and anodized grips from Volquartsen! Available in several colors: Silver, Black, Red, Blue, and OD Green. These aren't "modified 1911" panels... They specifically designed for your 22/45 for a perfect fit and an improved "feel". Remember, these grips only fit the 22/45s with replaceable grip panels
  Info/Order Volquartsen Aluminum Grips for the Ruger 22/45 $59

Volquartsen Barrel Mounted 10/22 Scope Mount

  A Weaver style scope mount designed to mount directly to .920" bull barrels. The mount cantilevers back over the receiver and utilizes one tension set screw in the rear of the mount for stability. The idea behind this mount is to ensure that the scope will always be in alignment with the barrel because the mount is attached directly to the barrel. All Volquartsen bull barrels for the 10/22 will come drilled & tapped to accept this scope mount. And, if you order this mount with any other brand of 10/22 barrel from EABCO, we'll install the mount for free!
  Info/Order Volquartsen Barrel Mounted 10/22 Scope Mount  $29
Volquartsen Barrel Mounted 10/22 Scope Mount

Volquartsen LLV Barrels for Ruger Mk III and 22/45 Pistols

Volquartsen LLV Upper for Mk II and Mk III

  The LLV Barreled Upper has been completely redesigned for 2012.... Better balance, more versatility, and even better accuracy! A hard anodized CNC machined billet receiver is the foundation of the lightweight LLV setup. The complete barreled receiver (aka Upper) weighs under 15 oz! The receiver and barrel shroud are precision machined as one piece from aluminum alloy. An integral Picatinny Rail is machined into to top of the receiver. It is then fitted with a 6" precision stainless steel barrel that has been machine honed and lapped. The barrel has been contoured to reduce weight without sacrificing accuracy. The barrel features 1/2 × 28 threads on the muzzle end for adding a compensator or suppressor and comes standard with a thread protector. (Target sights are available at extra cost. The Volquartsen LLV Upper will transform your Ruger Mk II or Mk III into a whole other pistol... And you can convert it back anytime. Order Your's Today!
  Info/Order Volquartsen LLV Barreled Receiver $299

Aluminum Frame for Mk II, III, and 22/45

 ...A Complete Light Weight Frame Replacement!

  Includes Volquartsen Accuracy System Internal Parts. Our Volquartsen Custom Target Frame is CNC machined from aluminum alloy. Weighing only 7.1 oz, it is a complete frame with all internal parts including the Volquartsen Accuracy Kit: Extended Bolt Release, CNC machined Target Trigger, wire EDM cut Target Hammer and Target Sear, Titanium Disconnector, Built-in Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector and Extended Safety.
  Each Volquartsen Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25 lb trigger pull. And by popular request, the Mk III magazine disconnect has been eliminated.
  Fits Mk III Grips and Mags - This is a complete frame. All you add to complete a gun is your Ruger Mk II, Mk III, or 22/45* upper (barrel, bolt, and mainspring housing), Mk III compatible grips, and a Mk III compatible magazine. *In order to use this frame on a 22/45 pistol a new mainspring housing is required. Please note that this frame has the grip frame angle similar to the MKIII steel frame.
  Info/Order Volquartsen Frame for Ruger Mk  $379
Volquartsen light weight frame for the Ruger Mk II, III, and 22/45