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Ruger 10/22 Magazines and Magazine Loaders... Please Scroll Down

Ruger BX-25 Magazine for 10/22
Ruger BX-25 Magazine

Black Dog 25 Rnd 10/22 Mags

Steel Lips 25 Rnd Clear
Champion 10/22 magazine
Hot Lips Smoke   |  Champion Metal Head  | Tactical Innovations Adjustable
Info/Order Ruger BX-25 Magazine 25 Rnd Ruger 10/22 Mag
Info/Order Butler Creek 25 Rnd Hot Lips 10/22 Mag Smoke
Info/Order Butler Creek 25 Rnd STEEL Lips 10/22 Mag Clear
Info/Order Champion 30 Rnd Dbl Stack Metal Head 10/22 Mag *
Info/Order Butler Creek 10/22 Magazine Speed Loader
Info/Order Tactical Innov 25 Rnd Adjustable 10/22 Mag Black *
Info/Order Butler Creek 25 Rnd Hot Lips 10/22 Mag Clear *
Info/Order Black Dog 25 Rnd 10/22 Mag Smoke *
Info/Order Black Dog 50 Rnd DRUM 10/22 Mag

For Prices and Ordering, Please Click "Info/Order"

Black Dog 25 Round 10/22 Magazines

  Enhanced stiffness and hardness due to Glass Filled Polycarbo- nite materials resulting in excellent feed reliability. Refined from the original Butler Creek Hot-Lips 10/22 magazine design... Back Dog feed lips are identically shaped to match the factory magazines.
Info/Order Black Dog 10/22 Magazine 25 Round Smoke*
Black Dog 10/22 Magazine
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 25 Round Mags to Your State *

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Butler Creek 25 Round Magazines

Shoot your 10/22 a Month 'O Sundays Without Reloading!

  The famous Hot-Lips 25 Mags for the Ruger 10/22 are back and we just got in a bunch of them for  a super low price. Use 'em one at a time or connect them side by side with the connector buttons. They feed great with standard 22 Long Rifle Ammunition. Fill these magazines faster with our Hot Lips and Steel Lips Magazine Speed Loader.
Info/Order 200-40005 Hot Lips Clear*  Info/Order 200-40010 Hot Lips Smoke*
Info/Order 200-24101 STEEL Lips Clear* Info/Order 200-24102 STEEL Lips Smoke*
* NY, NJ, MA, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 25 Round Mags to Your State *

Adjustable Fit 10/22 Magazines

  These new Tactical Innovations 25 Round 10/22 Maga- zines have four adjustment screws that allow you to fine tune the feed angle, feed height, and ejector engagement for the best possible reliability with ammo feeding and ejection. Quality construction features steel fed lips, glass filled polymer body... Disassembles for cleaning!
Info/Order TI25 Adjustable 10/22 Magazine 25 Round
Tactical Innovations Ruger 10/22 Magazines
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 25 Round Mags to Your State *

Double Stack 30 Round 10/22 Magazines

  Double stacking fits more ammo into less space. These new double stack 10/22 magazines hold 30 rounds and they're more compact than conventional high capacity Ruger 10/22 magazines. Our in-house testing showed excellent feed reliability, too.
Info/Order Double Stack 10/22 Magazine 30 Round Clear
Info/Order Metal Head™ 10/22 Magazine 30 Round Clear
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 30 Round Mags to Your State *

Black Dog 10/22 Magazines 50 Round Drum

For Your Ruger 10/22... Reliable Feed, Easy To Load, Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning!

  We got a preview of the new Black Dog Magazines 50 Round Drum for the Ruger 10/22 at the 2010 Shot Show and were quick to place our order!  It's pretty impressive in design and quality of construction. Hopefully the pictures do it justice (click the photo to enlarge).
  Quality First, Price Second - Black Dog took an approach to this Drum Magazine from the point of view of what would it take to make it work right, regardless of the cost. A moire extensive description as well as a video are at our Black Dog 10/22 Drum Web Page.
  The World's Best 10/22 Drum Magazine... Order Your's Today! Order/Info Black Dog 10/22 Drum Magazine 50 Rnd
Black Dog 50 Round Drum for Ruger 10/22
* NY, NJ, MA, MD, CA, HI Customers - Sorry, We Can't Ship These 50 Round Mags to Your State *

Dummy Stick Magazine Conversion for Ruger 10/22 Mags
  Give Your Ruger 10/22 a Classic Military Carbine Style... These "Dummy" Stick Magazine conversions attach to the base of the standard Ruger factory 10 round magazines (not included, order separately). They're just for looks... They don't add any magazine capacity. But, they sure give an authentic "Stick" magazine look to original Ruger 10/22 rifles as well as our M1 Carbine Tribute and the new 10/22 Tommy Gun Replica Conversions.

Info/Order Dummy Stick Mag Conversion for Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 Magazine ClearRuger 10/22 Magazine Black  Ruger® 10/22 Factory 10 Round Magazines
 These are original rotary Ruger Factory Magazines that fit and feed 22LR and 17 HM2 ammunition.
Info/Order 015-90223 Ruger 10/22 Mag Clear
Info/Order 015-90005 Ruger 10/22 Mag Black
Info/Order 027-101 TriMag Magazine Connector
TriMag Connector for Ruger 10/22 Magazines


NEW! Lightnin' Grip 10/22 Mag Loader

  This comes from McFadden, the same folks who make the Ultimate Clip Loader for the Ruger Mk III pistol magazines. They discovered significant differences in lips and feed angle of aftermarket 10/22 magazines. Some ore centered and some are off-center. They developed adaptors for each type of magazine and the result is a smooth, reliable 10/22 Magazine Loader!
Info/Order Lightnin Grip 10/22 Mag Loader

Universal Ruger 10/22 Magazine Loader

  This Shooters Ridge Magazine Loader for Ruger 10/22 Magazines works flawlessly with most brands of Ruger 10/22 magazines. We tested it in-house with Black Dog, Shooters Ridge, and even the Ruger factory 10/22 magazines and it loaded them all easily. Dump up to 50 rounds in the hopper, shake them into the zigzag trough, and then just crank them clickety-click into your 10/22 magazines. The zigzag cascade system keeps the ammo feeding at a constant rate (no log jams).
  Load your 10/22 magazines the easy way... Order Today!
Info/Order Universal Ruger 10/22 Magazine Loader
Champion/Shooters Ridge 10/22 Magazine Loader

BC06.gif (49848 bytes)Hot Lips® Magazine Speed Loader
Load your Hot Lips or Steel Lips magazines in seconds! Dump a 50 rnd box of
.22 LR or 17 HM2 ammo into the hopper, insert a magazine, and just crank until it's full! Recommended only for Butler Creek Hot Lips and Steel Lips in-line magazines (Not recommended for other magazine brands).

ORDER 200-24211 Hot Lips 10/22 Mag Loader

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