Model 97D Single Shot Rifle
The Model 97D is a Single Shot Falling Block Rifle
It points naturally and is easy to carry and shoot well. Standard Model (Above) or Built-to-Order Custom (below).  

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The Single Shot M97D Rifle

A Superbly Accurate, Small Frame Falling Block
Rifle. Easy to Carry, Mild Recoil, and it Points Naturally

 Yes, another successful year for our Model 97D Rifle. Many heads of big game were taken with single well placed shots. Prairie dogs and varmints too numerous to count were exter-
  minated with satisfying marksmanship. And 97D paper punchers shot bunches of tight groups in fun practice … 
  The accuracy, mild recoil, and natural feel of the 97D Rifle combine to make a rifle that’s easy to succeed with… and let’s face it: Shooting well is fun!
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A single shot falling block rifle design that points naturally, has mild recoil characteristics, and is easy to carry and shoot well. Built to order in ready-made and wildcat chamberings suitable for hunting all game.
Left: Marsha Lambregts with her first Antelope. Taken with one well placed shot at 150 paces. Husband John bought the Model 97D rifle and worked up a wonderful 6mm PPC load - "The accuracy and ease of shooting the rifle were a real benefit to her on this hunt"
- John Lambregts, Nov 15, 2001

 New World Craftsmanship - Yes, we DO make things better here in the United States and our Model 97D rifles are a fine example. We machine the actions from solid bar stock. We turn, thread, chamber, and crown the barrels from air gauged, match grade blanks. And our specially shaped stocks are carved from genuine American walnut with contrasting hardwood grip cap.
 Made-To-Order…Just For You!   When you order your Model 97D Rifle, you can choose from several options: Chamber, barrel length, finish, scope mounts, engraving, etc. It will be a one-of-a kind heirloom you can pass on to your kids with pride. Est. Delivery is 6-12 months.

Made-to-Order Base Price $Call

Base Price is Completed Blue Rifle w/No Sights
Options available at extra cost: French Gray Finish, Scope Mount, 
Muzzle Brake, Satin Poly Finish, Select Stock, BR Forend, and  more...
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Model 97D Specifications
OAL (w/24" Barrel) 38"
Approx. Wt. (No Sights) 6-6.5 lbs.
Barrel: 17-26"  Chromoly Match
Stock: Walnut w/Hardwood Grip Cap
Trigger: Tuned 16-24 oz

Prices and Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice

Here's How to Order::

 Most folks order by phone so that all of the details and options can be discussed and clarified. Our toll free order line is 1-800-950-9088 and actual humans answer it Monday thru Friday, 9:30-5:00 CST. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required with the balance due upon completion of your rifle. Payment is accepted by credit card, check, or money order. We will need a signed copy of your local gun dealer's FFL (license). When the rifle is completed, we'll call to notify you and then ship it to your FFL dealer for regular, legal firearms transfer to you. 

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