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AR-15 Parts and Accessories

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AR-15 Parts and Accessories at EABCO

Build Your Next AR-15 with Confidence!

 - All EABCO parts are AR-15 Milspec for the broadest compatibility. - We stock only the highest quality and reputable of the major brands. - We seek out the latest new ideas and innovations, check them out, and approve the best ones before offering them for sale.

We Are Rifle Barrel EXPERTs...

 - We manufacture EABCO Accuracy Barrels® for several firearms and have earned a solid reputation for accuracy and quality... So we know good barrels and that's the only kind we offer to our AR-15 customers!

Ordering Your Gas System is Easy...

 - First, determine the barrel diameter at the gas port. We have it listed in the barrel descriptions. Order a gas block of the same diameter.. - Second, determine the length of your gas tube. We have it listed in the barrel descriptions: Carbine length, Rifle length, etc. - Refinements, we have basic gas blocks and we have adjustable gas blocks. Our barrels are designed to work fine with either type... Remember that. You can always start with something basic and add refinements later.

Choosing the Best Hand Guard

... - We recommend and stock mostly "free float" style handguards. These are best for eliminating the stress and harmonic influences that are often caused by military style handguards that make contact at the gas block. - Gas Block Clearance: If you want the Hand Guard to cover or be longer than your gas block position, you will need a "Low Profile" gas block and check for dimensional clearance in the block and guard descriptions.

AR-15 Receiver Basics...

 - Since we believe in the universal compatibility of "Mil Spec" AR-15 products, our uppers and lowers have only two remaining requirements: Best Quality and Reasonable Price... Quality First. Our AR-15 receivers and receiver parts come from the best sources and meet or beat the Mil Spec standards for dimensions and material. And, we buy in large quantities and that keeps our prices low.

Improving Your AR-15 Trigger...

- AR-15 and AR-10 Triggers to replace original 2 stage AR15 Triggers. Lighter triggers with faster locktime and better accuracy. Lowest prices too!

AR-15 Butt Stocks and Grips...

- Three basic considerations here: Mil Spec, Commercial Spec, and Collapsibility. The collapsible stocks use the buffer tubes with the ridge along the bottom. These buffers are dimensioned to commercial or mil specs as noted. The non-collapsible stocks take the original buffer tube.

AR-15 Magazines and Magazine Loaders

- All AR-15 magazines and magazine loaders to fit 5.56 NATO, .223 Remington, .204 Ruger, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 Rem SPC, 22 LR and others. If you don't see what you want or you have a new product suggestion, Please Call Toll Free 800-950-9088 with your comments and suggestions!

Scopes... What's Best for You?

- If you'll be aiming at short distances, like hunting in the woods, a red dot sight or low 2-7x magnification riflescope may be your best bet. - If you hunt in woods and farm fields, a 3-9x riflescope could be best. - If you're plinking at long range, higher magnification and maybe a ballistic reticle are called for.

AR15 Tools and Misc Parts...

- Everything you need for AR-15 builds and repairs, the right tools and parts for the job. Professional AR-15 gun smiths and hobbyist builders alike need and use these tools and parts to build the most accurate, reliable, and beautiful AR-15 rifles!

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