Hoppes Bore Snake

Bore Snake gun cleaner for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders... even 17 - 20 calibers!

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boresnake or bore snake gun cleaning

Bore Snake Gun Cleaning System

Finally... A Cleaning SystemThat's Easy and Quick!

The Bore Snake™ is an all in one bore cleaning tool that pulls through your barrel and cleans it thoroughly in just a few seconds. A weighted brass drop through cord easily slips through the barrel to get the Bore Snake™ started. You just grab the end and pull the rest of it through. The "business end" of the Bore Snake™ has a whole bunch of surface area impregnated with brushes and floss (160X more floss than a patch). One pass with the Bore Snake equals several passes with conventional tools... Very popular with US Soldiers stationed all over the world.
The Bore Snake™ is simple... there's no assembly required. It's lightweight and compact with no exposed metal to damage the critical rifling or crown surfaces. Use it with or without your favorite gun cleaning solvent. And after several gun cleanings, just wash and dry the Bore Snake™ to restore it to like-new gun cleaning condition.
If you love your guns but hate the mess and fuss of cleaning them, the Bore Snake™ is for you. It makes a great gift for shooting buddies, too. Order your's today and be ready for hunting season!

Bore Snake for Rifles --------

Info/Order 755-24010 Bore Snake 17 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24025 Bore Snake 204 Cal Rifle
755-24011 .22, .223, 5.56mm CF/RF Rifle
Info/Order 755-24012 .243 and 6mm Rifle
Info/Order 755-24013 .257-.264, 6.5mm Rifle
Info/Order 755-24014 Bore Snake 270/7mm Rifle
Info/Order 755-24015 Bore Snake 30 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24016 8mm, .32 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24017 .338, 340 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24018 35/357, .358-.375 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24019 410/45, .458 Cal Rifle
Info/Order 755-24020 .50-.54 Cal Rifle

Bore Snake for Pistols/Revolvers -------

Info/Order 755-24000 Bore Snake .22 Cal Pistol 
Info/Order 755-24001 Bore Snake .30/.32 Cal Pistol
Info/Order 755-24002 380, 9mm, .38, .357 Cal Pistol
Info/Order 755-24003 Bore Snake 40/41 Cal Pistol
Info/Order 755-24004 Bore Snake 44/45 Cal Pistol

Bore Snake for Shotguns -------

Info/Order 755-24031 Bore Snake .410 Ga. Shotgun 
Info/Order 755-24032 Bore Snake 28 Ga. Shotgun
Info/Order 755-24033 Bore Snake 20 Ga. Shotgun
Info/Order 755-24034 Bore Snake 16 Ga. Shotgun 
Info/Order 755-24035 Bore Snake 12 Ga. Shotgun
Info/Order 755-24036 Bore Snake 10 Ga. Shotgun

BoreSnake Gun Cleaner Zippered Case

Bore Snake Zippered
Case and Puller Handle

  Bore Snake Case and Puller Handle A semi-hard sided zipper case to keep your boresnake clean and ready when you need it PLUS a 4" wide puller handle (not shown) to make the pull thru easier. Keeping your BoreSnake clean is important because you don't want to introduce dirt, sand, or any other damaging grit into your barrel. This handy zipper case holds one bore snake and the puller handle.
Info/Order 755-BSZC BoreSnake Case and Puller Handle
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