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QB78 Bolt Action CO2 Air Rifles - Blue Steel and Wood, Adult Airguns!

Highly Accessorized Chinese QB78 Air Rifles are Practically Recoilless, Powerful, and Accurate...

Review by Eben Brown -
  The QB78 pellet rifle was a Chinese copy of the discontinued Crosman 160 when I bought one out of Shotgun News years ago.  It was crude but accurate... And I loved it. Those early years were tough for QB78 owners because nobody knew how to fix them when they broke down. But all of that has changed BIG TIME.  Knowledge, repair parts, and accessories for the QB78 rifles are now readily available for very little money. For example,  I just
Chinese QB78 Deluxe CO2 Air Rifle
Info/Order Deluxe Recoilless QB78 CO2 Pellet Gun
finished resealing, tuning, and accessorizing my old QB78 and it looks and shoots better than it ever did (See below).
  And CO2 powered air rifle technology has come a long way with the evolution of paintball guns and even bulk CO2 availability. With our Deluxe QB78 Rifle, you can go as simple or sophisticated as you want ... You won't spend alot of money, and you'll have a remarkable shooting system. The QB78 is recoilless, powerful enough for pest control, and more accurate than most of us can shoot. No pumping or barrel cocking or expensive SCUBA fill tanks to buy.
  Then, you can add an inexpensive Hawke Parallax Adjustable Air Max rifle scope starting with programmable ballistic reticle. We have tune-up kits for increasing your velocity, muzzle brakes for stabilizing your hold, oversized bolt handles and more!

QB78 Accessories/Parts

Archer QB78 Shop Manual
Close Focus Airgun Scopes
BKL Self Centering Airgun Rings
Archer Oversized Bolt Handle
Cheek Rests & Scope Accessories
Archer QB78 Velocity Upgrade
Crosman Pellgun Oil for CO2 Rifles
QB78 Airgun Muzzle Brakes
QB78 Trigger Tune-Up Kit
Archer QB78 2X Seal Kit
Match Accurate Pellets
Harris Bipod Clones $39
QB78 Air Gun - Bolt Action CO2 Pellet Rifle
Above - Eben's Original 5+ Year Old QB78 is Customized and Shooting Better Than Ever!
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