Choate M4 Stock for TC Encore
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T/C Encore Tactical M4 Gun Stocks, Forends, Bipods, and Accessories for a Tactical M4 Encore or Pro Hunter Rifle
Choate M4 Stock for TC Encore

T/C Encore M4 Tactical Stock Conversion and Accessories

Collapsible, Adjustable Length of Pull from 12 - 16" fits All Shooters, Young or Old, Big or Small!
  The Choate M4 Stock Conversion for T/C Encore and Pro Hunter rifles is a real M4 collapsible military butt stock, mated to Choate's original Encore pistol grip. The result is a rigid, solid, durable M4 stock system that looks, feels and functions like an AR-15 or M-4 Carbine.
  The whole thing, pistol grip and butt stock attaches to your Encore frame with a single grip bolt. The M4 butt stock itself can extend or collapse for an adjustable length of pull from 12" - 16". Two O-Ring sealed storage com-partments can carry extra cartridges, batteries, matches, or other survival gear. A sling swivel, loop, and slot provide three options for carrying.
  Encore Composite Forend and Bipod Conversion - The Encore black composite forend is a perfect match for the Choate M4 stock. However, if you plan to attach a Harris Bipod, the swivel stud is too far forward to mount the bipod securely. You'll need to install a Harris #2 Flange Adaptor to give a solid mounting swivel for your bipod. It's fairly easy and you can do it yourself or have us do it for you. ($10 installation plus the flange).
Choate Encore M4 Adjustable Stock
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Info/Order Choate M4/AR15 Stock for Contender and G2
Choate Encore Folding Butt Stock - Stainless or Blue
  This is our folding stock for the Encore rifle. It has a cast steel arm and housing with a 3/4 inch rubber butt pad. These stocks are made to take the beating of the magnum calibers that the Encore comes in. Available in stainless/composite and blue/composite... Forend not included. When folded it makes a very compact package for transport. Combine with a 20" Katahdin or custom shortened 16+" barrel for asuper compact rifle.
  Info/Order Choate Folding Butt Stock for TC Encore
Info/Order Choate Folding Stock for Original Contender | Info/Order Choate Folding Stock for G2 Contender
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