Ultimate Clip Loader by McFadden Machine Loads Ruger Mk II, III, IV, & 22/45 Magazines in as Little as Three Seconds!
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Ultimate Clip Loader by McFadden Machine

Speed Loader for Ruger Mk II, III, IV, and 22/45 Clips and Magazines

Ultimate Clip Loader by McFadden  If you shoot a lot with your Ruger Mk II, III, IV, or 22/45, you are going to LOVE this "Ultimate Clip Loader" from McFadden Machine. You simply dump a box of 22 LR ammo into the hopper; Shake it gently to align 10 shells in the chute; Then slide a magazine into the loader and watch it fill. The video demonstrates using the Ultimate Clip Loader in the field as well as a close up demonstration in the studio.
  We sell the Ultimate Clip Loader

Purchasing Information

Info/Order Ultimate Ruger MK Clip Loader
To Place an Order, Click Here or call 800-950-9088
in your choice of 4 colors: Blue, green, amber (above) or clear. It comes with photo illustrated step-by-step instructions so you can be speed loading clips in no time!
Ultimate Clip Loader for Ruger Mk II, III, IV, and 22/45

Ultimate Clip Loader Background Information

  Ultimate Clip Loader Instructions - McFadden Machines has made the photo illustrated instructions available on-line . To view them or print them out on your printer, click Clip Loader Instructions PDF. These instructions not only show how to use the Ultimate Clip Loader, they also show tips (like recommending Rem Oil) and troubleshooting advice if you have problems.
  Ultimate Clip Loader Disassembly and Cleaning - McFadden also has the photo illustrated cleaning and lubrication instructions on-line. To view or print, click Clip Loader Cleaning PDF. Proper use of spray on teflon Rem Oil is explained.
  Ultimate Clip Loader Compatibility - Which pistol magazines will load properly with the Ultimate Clip Loader? It's designed specifically for the Ruger Mk II, Mk III, IV, and 22/45 magazines but it can be made to work on magazines from several other pistol brands. McFadden has published the list on-line. To view or print, click Clip Loader Compatibility PDF.
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