Custom Contender Barrels in Standard Models

Thompson Center Contender Custom Shop Barrels - Custom Barrels for TC Contender and G2 from Our Custom Shop

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Custom Contender and G2 Accuracy Barrels in 17 Hornet, 6.5mm, and 6mm BRM

We've done Several Production Runs Now... Thank You for Making These Barrels a Success!

Custom Shop G2 Contender Barrels

Ready-Made (Quick Delivery) Custom Contender Accuracy Barrels

  We're very proud to announce that our Standard Model Accuracy Barrels for the G2 Contender and original Contender are a big success. We've done several production runs and these barrels have become extremely popular. The 6mm and 6.5mm BRM cartridges deliver big game performance! For details Click Info...
G2 Contender UnderlugG2 Contender Custom Accuracy BarrelsG2 Contender Custom Barrel Crown
Info/Order Std Model 24" Custom Barrel 17 Hornet Info/Order Std 24" Custom Barrel 6mm BRM
Info/Order Std Model 24" Custom Barrel 6.5mm BRM Made-To-Order Custom Barrels $375. -More Info
Info/Order Std Model 14" Custom PISTOL Barrel 6.5mm BRM

Would You Like One Made-To-Order? Click Info/Order for Chambers, Lengths, and Contours

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