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Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin - Locking Barrel Hinge Pin Improves Accuracy in TC Encore and Pro Hunter

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Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin... and Other Hinge Pins, Too!

Encore Hinge Pin Encore Locker Pin Installed Locker Pin Disassembled T/C Hinge Pins for Encore and Pro Hunter
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  The original TC Encore barrel hinge pin rotates and drifts from side to side freely every time you open and close the action. This creates a potential for the lock-up to be slightly different with each shot. And, anything that is different from one shot to the next can change the point of impact. Our new Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin locks the position of the hinge pin so that mechanical lock-up of the Encore action is exactly the same from one shot to the next!
  The Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin replaces your factory hinge pin with no modifications to your frame or barrel. It simply tightens into place so there is no rotation nor drifting from side to side. The new pin fits all standard and Pro Hunter Encore barrels. You may need to sand some clearance at the inside wings/ears of your forend. (1/32" per side - See Forend Accuracy Tips Below).

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T/C Encore and Pro Hunter Barrel Pivot Hinge Pins
  This is the original factory hinge pin that pivots the barrel downward when you open and close your Encore or Pro Hunter action. Made from precision ground "drill rod" to fit closely for accuracy while allowing removal to swap barrels. These original pins often get lost or dinged up and need to be replaced.
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for TC Encore and Pro Hunter

  This ADJUSTABLE DIAMETER Hinge Pin can improve the lock-up of your TC Encore, Pro Hunter, or Endeavor. It gives the tightening effect of a larger pin without the potential for damage and without giving up your barrel interchangeability. This new Adjustable Encore Hinge Pin requires no modification to your gun or your forend. Just slip it into the hinge pin hole as you assemble your Encore frame and barrel. Then, use the two Allen wrenches (included) to tighten the pin and lock it into place.
Order/Info Encore Adjustable Hinge Pins

A Little Hinge Pin History...
  Tweaking accuracy at the barrel hinge pin goes back a few years. The first attempt I saw was a collet styled hinge pin to fit the original TC Contender. The pin was actually a collet that expanded to tighten in the hinge pin hole. As it tightened it became less cylindrical and gave a less consistent contact surface area.
  More recently people have experimented with some success using oversized hinge pins. These can help but
  they will still rotate and drift side to side. Where people will get into trouble with this is when they hand ream the hinge pin holes on their barrel and frame to make oversized pins work. Click Here to see our article on this.
  A better approach has been needed. Cecil Epp of Pre-cision Rifle is the designer and manufacturer of the Locker-Pin you see pictured and described above... It is an idea whose time has come and it appears to be the best answer to tweaking accuracy at the barrel hinge pin of the Encore.

Forend Accuracy Tips...
  You've heard the term "Free-Floated" with respect to the way a barrel contacts a rifle stock. Well, with two-piece stocked rifles like the Encore (and our Model 97D) it works differently. The forend is separate from the buttstock and attaches directly to the barrel. It is the receiver or frame of the Encore that is free floated so as not to induce pressure into the barrel through the forend. The area to observe is the wings or ears of the forend that
  cover up the barrel hinge pin. If you have rubbing or contact there, use sand paper to relieve any contact. This forend modification will usually be necessary when using our new Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin (1/32" per side).
  Another area of consideration with the forend is detecting and removing high spots in the barrel channel. Imagine tightening the forend when there is a high spot in the barrel channel... such a condition will induce tension into the barrel. Again, sand paper will remove tension inducing high spots.

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