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Accu-Riser Cheek Rests CR6000 Adjustable Cheek Rest

Accu-Riser CR6000 Cheek Rest...

 Sets Your Aiming Eye Higher for Scope Sighting

  The new CR6000 model Accu-Riser Cheek Rests are molded hard rubber with black, walnut, or camo finishes and two inter-changeable risers of 1/2" and 1" heights. Standard factory stocks are usually set for aiming with iron sights and position your eye too low for scopes. You unknowingly strain your hold to align your eye with the scope and it hurts your shooting results.
  These cheek rests attach with either screws or a velcro strap and give your eye perfect alignment with your scope!
  Info/Order Accu-Riser CR6000 Check Rests

Honey-Comb Riflescope Sun Shade...

Fits Many Scopes, Removes Glare, and Hides Lens Glint

   Military sniper technology has once again advanced the sport of rifle marksmanship and hunting. These honey-comb inserts give sun shading equivalent to a 6" tubular sunshade!
  Simply install the Honey-Comb Shade in a Butler Creek Flip-Open objective lens cover (order separately below) and mount to the objective lens of your riflescope. Because of optical dynamics, you don't see the honey- comb when you look through your scope. All you see is a crisp, clear image that's free of glare from the sun!
  How to Order: First, find and order the Butler Creek Flip-Open lens cover
Scope04.gif (49595 bytes) Scope06.gif (26243 bytes) Scope05.gif (37405 bytes)
that fits the objective end of your scope (below). Then, use the Honey-Comb chart (directly below) to choose the insert size that fits that lens cover. You then enter that size after you click "ORDER" to order the Honey-Comb Insert.

Honey-CombSunshade Size

BC Flip-Opens

  Honey-CombSunshade Size BC Flip-Opens
Info/Order 026-HC1 Sunshade-1  
Info/Order 026-HC2 Sunshade-2  
Info/Order 026-HC3 Sunshade-3  
  Info/Order 026-HC4 Sunshade-4  
Info/Order 026-HC5 Sunshade-5  
Info/Order 026-HC6 Sunshade-6  

Sunshade and Flip-Open Lens Cover Sizing

Measure the outside diameter of the "Objective" and "Eye Piece" ends of your scope. From the chart (below right) choose the next smaller size Flip-Open lens cover. For example, an objective that measures 2.449" would take the 2.430" lens cover which is #46. And, #46 works with the #6 Honey-Comb Shade Insert. Call us if you need help. Click Here for Ordering Links.
Scope11.gif (40846 bytes)Scope09.gif (406590 bytes)
Please Click on the Charts Above Right to Enlarge for Reading
Scope12.gif (66955 bytes)
"Quiet" Flip Open lids perform even under extreme weather con-
ditions. Air tight O-Ring seals keep out dust and moisture.

Flip-Open Lens Covers
Protection that Flips Out of the Way!

 World famous with military, police, and sporting rifle shooters, the Butler Creek Flip-Open® lens cover system comes in sizes to fit all riflescopes. Tabs on the Objective Cover flip open conveniently with the thumb of your front hand. An actuating lever on the Eye Cover flips it open conveniently with your rear hand. 
 How to Order: First, find the size of each cover (objective and eye) from the shopping cart descriptions for the riflescopes that we sell. If its not one that we sell, measure the outside diameter of the objective and eyepiece ends of your scope and then select the Flip Open covers from the chart shown above left. (Click on it to Enlarge to readable size). 

ScopLEVEL® Stops Canting Error When Aiming

  Fine-Tunes Your Accuracy at Long Range! Tilting your crosshairs out of vertical even a little bit can cause you to miss at long range. Why? Because your scope reticle is sighted in straight up and down to zero a bullet that travels in a straight up and down trajectory arch. Tilt the gun to either side and the trajectory arch is no long aligned to your scope reticle. 
  If you like making long shots, you know every little detail counts. The ScopLEVEL attaches to standard 1 inch scope tubes and folds down out of the way when you're not using it. When you flip it up, you can actually see the bubble in the level when you're lining up your shot in the scope eyepiece. Don't miss another shot... Order Today!

Info/Order 126-LEVELB  ScopLEVEL® Unit

Click Here to Shop Scopes  ***  Order Toll-Free by Phone 1-800-950-9088
Scope16.gif (32284 bytes)
Scope14.gif (14099 bytes) Scope15.gif (18385 bytes)
Click Photos to Enlarge

Cheekpc01.jpg (4904 bytes)

Scope-EZE Cheek Rests Give Proper, Steady Eye Alignment

  Buttstocks that were originally supplied with iron sight guns often are too low where your cheek rests to allow proper alignment of your eye to your scope. And often, even cheek rest equipped stocks don't position the eye just right for evey shape and size of the human face. Our new Scope-EZE cheek rests come in heights from ¼ inch to 1-1/8th inch. Made from extra dense polymer foam rubber with a peel-off adhesive backing that creates a permanent installation. Make that stock work with your new scope!

Notice: For Wood Stocks Only. Will Not Stick to Synthetic Stocks.

Info/Order 204-750 Scope-EZE 1/4-3/4" Taper
Info/Order 204-900 Scope-EZE 5/8ths-1" Taper
Info/Order 204-925 Scope-EZE 7/8ths-1-1/4th" Taper
Info/Order 204-950 Scope-EZE 1-1/8th-1-1/2" Taper

Accu-Shot Adjustable Butt-Pods for Bipod Shooters

A Solid, Retractable Buttstock Rest with Elevation Adjustment.
  This device attaches to your rear swivel and screws up and down to adjust elevation while shooting from a bipod. The adjustment is so fine and rock solid! Watch your crosshairs move onto the target as you screw the Butt-Pod up or down... This will definitely spoil you!
Accu-Shot Quick Knob Butt Pod for Harris Bipods Shooters
Info/Order 720-BT01-QK Quick Knob AccuShot Adjustable Butt Pod for Bipod Users
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