TC Encore Custom Barrels by EABCO

TC Encore Custom Barrels from EABCO - Accuracy Barrels for the Thompson Center Encore

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TC Encore and Pro Hunter Accuracy Barrels® - Made by EABCO

TC Encore Accuracy Barrels by E. Arthur Brown Company

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 Standard Encore Accuracy Barrels® - Off the
shelf, quicker delivery of our most popular custom made Encore Accuracy Barrels® is the good news.
  By doing these barrels in a standard configuration, we save on machinery set-ups and cut our costs. So, we can sell them to you for a lower price. These are the same quality and attention to detail as our built-to-order accuracy barrels... Lower in price and intended for off-the shelf delivery with little or no waiting! *
  Standard Barrel Features - Length is 26”, Blue Finish, Heavy Contour (Fits Factory Encore HEAVY forends as well as the new Pro Hunter forends.) Click  for more photos, photo enlargements, and ordering links.
  New Blued Barrels - We've added some old favorites: 6.5 Creemoor, 6.5x47 Lapua, 270 Winchester, 7-08 Remington, and 30-06 Spngfld, 44 Rem Mag, 450 Bushmaster, 45-70 Govt, 450 Marlin, and now 224 Valkyrie!  Coming Soon - 6mm Creedmoor.
  New Stainless Barrels - In addition to our original Blue Finished barrels, we now also have stainless Standard Accuracy Barrels in 17 Hornady Hornet, 204 Ruger, 6.5mm BRM, 260 Remington, 308 Winchester, and 35 Whelen.
TC Encore Accuracy Barrels® by E. Arthur Brown Company

Info/Order 127-AB17 Encore Accuracy Barrel 17 Hornet
Info/Order 127-AB204 Encore Accuracy Barrel 204 Ruger
Info/Order 127-AB223 Encore Accuracy Barrel .223 Rem
Info/Order 127-AB219 Encore Accuracy Barrel 219 Don Wasp
Info/Order 127-AB224 Encore Accuracy Barrel 224 Valkyrie
Info/Order 127-AB6BR Encore Accuracy Barrel 6mm BR Norma
Info/Order 127-AB244 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6mm BRM
Info/Order 127-AB243 Encore Accuracy Barrel .243 Win
Info/Order 127-AB264 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5 BRM
Info/Order 127-AB263 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5 Creedmoor
Info/Order 127-AB261 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5x47 Lapua
Info/Order 127-AB262 Encore Accuracy Barrel 6.5x55 Swede
Info/Order 127-AB260 Encore Accuracy Barrel 260 Rem
Info/Order 127-AB270 Encore Accuracy Barrel 270 Winchester
Info/Order 127-AB281 Encore Accuracy Barrel 7-08 Rem
Info/Order 127-AB280 Encore Accuracy Barrel 280 Rem
Info/Order 127-AB303 Encore Accuracy Barrel 30-30 Win 1:10 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB30808 Encore Accuracy Barrel .308 1:8 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB308 Encore Accuracy Barrel .308 1:10 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB30812 Encore Accuracy Barrel 308 1:12 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB306 Encore Accuracy Barrel 30-06 1:10 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB35 Encore Accuracy Barrel 35 Whelen 1:14 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB44 Encore Accuracy Barrel 44 Rem Mag
Info/Order 127-AB451 Encore Accuracy Barrel 450 Bshmstr 1:24 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB450 Encore Accuracy Barrel 450 Marlin 1:14 Twist
Info/Order 127-AB457 Encore Accuracy Barrel 45-70 Govt
Info/Order 127-AB17S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 17 Hornet
Info/Order 127-AB204S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 204 Ruger
Info/Order 127-AB264S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 6.5 BRM
Info/Order 127-AB260S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 260 Rem
Info/Order 127-AB308S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 308 Win
Info/Order 127-AB35S Accuracy Barrel STAINLESS 35 Whelen

*Sometimes These Sell Out Fast and It Takes Awhile to Restock... Please Call to Check

 Details of Each Particular Chambering - We've applied an accuracy rational that makes sense. Chambers are minimum SAAMI spec... they fit standard ammo but fit closely so as to align well with the bore... Here's more:
 204 Ruger - Made with standard 1:12 rifling twist.
.223 Remington - Also a 1:12 twist. We're figuring nobody is deer hunting with this one so we made it to shoot best with varmint weight bullets of 40-50 grains. Our favorite factory loaded ammo is Winchester 45 grain JHP.
  219 Donaldson Wasp - The original "BR" case capacity and cartridge shape (30° shoulder and shallow wall taper) that modern BRs came from. Only the Don Wasp has a rim which is easier for handloaders to get consistent headspace from.
  An extremely efficient cartridge the uses .224 caliber bullets and achieves velocities near 22-250 with less powder and better accuracy potential.
.243 Winchester - Here we've opted for a faster 1:8 twist. Most standard .243s are done in a 1:10 twist that is not optimum for the most common factory loaded ammunition, which is 100 grain bullets. Our 1:8 twist makes factory ammo shoot very accurate.
 6mm BR Norma - The 6BR was THE Benchrest favorite until 6mm PPC came along. But now, Benchrest competitions are going to longer dis-tances, and there is a resurgence in popularity of the 6mm BR using the heavier 100-105 gr. bullets and renamed to "6mm BR Norma".
  Our 6mm BR Norma barrels are throated for these long, heavy bullets and done in a 1:8 rifling twist especially to suit 100-105 gr match bullets. Really a fun, heavy hitting tack-driver.
  6mm BRM - The same basic cartridge as our 6.5mm BRM only this ones in 6mm (.243 caliber). Achieves the same velocities as .243 Win on bullets up to 90 grain but with less powder and better accuracy potential. We do this one with a 1:8 rifling twist for bench rest and hunting accuracy. We have loaded ammo, brass, and dies... Nice!
  6.5mm BRM - We do this one optimized for the BRM cartridge philosophy... heavy 140 grain bullets in a 1:8 twist that arrive on target with superb accuracy, very little recoil, and deadly impact. We have several links below for 6.5 BRM info...
  6.5x47 Lapua - Developed by Lapua specifically for long range bench rest shooting competitions. Case capacity, body taper, shoulder angle, and small rifle primer are all features requested by top international shooters. You can expect velocities of 2500-2600+ with 140 gr bullets.
  6.5 Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creedmoor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is designed for efficiency and function. Its shape reaches high velocities while maintaining standard 308 win pressures and its overall length fits well with 308 win length magazines. You can expect velocities of 2600-2700+ fps with 140 gr bullets.
  6.5x55 Swedish Mauser - The cartridge that popularized 6.5mm in the USA and inspired our own Bench Rest Magnums (BRMs). It is still about the most near perfect big game cartridge ever made. We do our chambers to minimum SAAMI specs and our barrels to 1:8 twist rifling... Optimal for the high BC, heavy sectional density 140 grain 6.5mm bullets. Mild recoiling but deadly on big game.
 260 Remington - We apply the same heavy 140 grain bullet and 1:8 twist formula on this one. Basically a 6.5mm version of the .308 win cartridge case. Gives excellent efficiency of loading and the desired med-high velocity with heavy 140 grain bullets.
 280 Remington  - Basically a 7mm version of the 30-06 cartridge case, the 280 Remington gives efficient, med-high velocity perfor-mance with heavy 160 grain 7mm bullets. Having less recoil than 7mm Mag, the 280 Rem is easier to shoot well... It has been very popular as a made-to-order barrel. Done in 1:9 twist.
 .308 Winchester - We do this one in 1:10 twist which is capable of accuracy with bullets from 150-180gr. So, this barrel will work great for deer sized game and can handle elk by simply moving up to a tougher, heavier bullet.
 .308 1:12 Twist Barrels - In response to requests we've received from benchrest shooters, these 1:12 twist barrels are especially suited to the mid range 150-155gr match grade bullets.
 .308 1:8 Twist Barrels - We do these for accuracy with heavy bullets from 180-220gr... And also for subsonic ammo

  We have a wide selection of muzzle brakes, custom scope mounts, scopes, gun stocks, and even package deals. All are accessible through our Main TC Menu - Click Here!
Latest 6.5 BRM Load Data * 6.5 BRM Brass and Dies * Loaded 6.5 BRM Ammo * The 6.5mm Benchrest Magnum Story

Dan McCarthy's Monster 236 lb. Buck - Encore 6.5mm BRM - Oct 2011

  I shot this 160 class 10 point on October 17 while hunting at Briarwood Sporting Club in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Once again the 6.5 BRM performed flawless. This buck weighed 236# live weight and he only went 20 yards after the shot.
  The guide that was with me could not believe how when I hit this huge deer how the 6.5 BRM made him just buckle. The bullet went entirely through the buck and left nothing but devastation in its path.
  Please feel free to use my picture and story in any of your advertising. Another great hunt, with amazing results from your barrel and cartridge.
- Best Regards,
 Dan McCarthy, Vice President
Youngstown Hard Chrome
Dan McCarthy's Whitetail Buck with Encore 6.5mm BRM

Please Click the Photo to Enlarge and Show Detail!

Comparing 6.5mm Cartridges

A Visual Comparison Provided by, Followed by Some Notes and Comments...

Custom 6.5mm Savage Barrels Custom 6.5mm TC Encore and Contender Barrels Custom 6.5mm 97d Rifles

A Quick Comparison of Popular 6.5mm Rifle Cartridges

- by Eben Brown (E. Arthur Brown Co. Inc)
  The current popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in the USA has been a long time in coming. I won't go into my opinions on why it took so long to catch on... The important thing is that it finally HAS caught on and we're now so fortunate to have a wide selection of 6.5mm cartridges to choose from!
  6.5mm Grendel - Developed by Alexander Arms for the AR15 and Military M4 family of rifles. The Grendel fits the dimensional and functional requirements of these rifles while delivering better lethality and downrange performance. There are now similar cartridges from other rifle companies. We chamber for the Les Baer "264 LBC-AR". Designed for velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 123 gr bullets, it shoots the 140 gr at about 2000 fps (for comparison purposes).
  6.5mm BRM - Developed by E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc to give "Big Game Performance to Small Framed Rifles"... Namely our Model 97D Rifle, TC Contender, and TC Encore. Velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 140 gr bullets puts it just under the original 6.5x55 Swede performance.
  6.5mm x 47 Lapua - Developed by Lapua specifically for long range bench rest shooting competitions. Case capa-city, body taper, shoulder angle, and small rifle primer are all features requested by top international shooters. You can expect velocities of 2500-2600+ with 140 gr bullets.
  6.5mm Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creed-moor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is designed for efficien-cy and function. Its shape reaches high velocities while maintaining standard 308 win pressures and its overall length fits well with 308 win length magazines. You can expect velocities of 2600-2700+ fps with 140 gr bullets
  260 Remington - Developed by Remington to compete with the 6.5mmx55 Swedish Mauser  that was (finally) gaining popularity in 1996. By necking down the 7mm-08 Remington to 6.5mm (.264 cal), the 260 Remington was created. It fit the same short action bolt actions that fit 308 win, 243 win, 7-08 rem, etc. You can expect velocities of 2600-2700 fps with 140 gr bullets in the 260 Remington.
  6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser - The cartridge that started the 6.5mm craze in the USA. Developed by the Mauser corporation back in 1896 (I think), it is famous for having mild recoil, deadly lethality on even the biggest game animals, and superb accuracy potential. Original ballistics were in the 2500 fps range with 140 gr bullets. Nowadays handloaders get 2600-2700+ fps.
  6.5mm-284 Norma comes from necking the .284 Win-chester down to .264 caliber. Norma standardized it for commercial ammo sales. The 6.5mm-284 is used extensively for NRA High Power competition at 1,000 yd ranges. Velocities run 3000-3100+ with 140 gr bullets.
  264 Winchester Magnum - Developed by Winchester back in 1959, the 264 Win Mag never really caught on and may have delayed the ultimate acceptance of 6.5mm cartridges by US shooters (in my opinion). It missed the whole point and original advantage of 6.5mms.
  The Original 6.5mm Advantage - The special needs of long range competition have skewed things a little but, the original advantage was in how deadly the 6.5mms are on even the biggest game animals, how little recoil they produce, and how easy they are to shoot well.

Custom 6.5mm Savage BarrelsCustom 6.5mm TC Encore and Contender BarrelsCustom 6.5mm 97d Rifles

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