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Lapua Unprimed Rifle Brass for Reloading

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Lapua Brass for Reloading or Hand Loading  Made from the finest raw materials formulated by the World's top brass mills, Lapua brass features just the right hardness, firmness, and molecular grain structure for optimum performance. By combining this material with tight dimensional tolerances and uniform case volumes, Lapua has won over the confidence of World Champion shooters. At the American Bench Rest Championships, 17 of the 20 top 13.5 Class shooters used Lapua brass. The top twenty 10.5 class shooters shot Lapua brass UNANIMOUSLY!
World Champion 22 and 6mm PPC shooters form their brass from Lapua 220 Russian (pictured left). And thanks to Lapua consistency, the 6mm BR is also gaining a following among top Championship shooters.
  Could you use this kind of consistency and accuracy? Lapua puts the same World Champion quality into 223, 243, 308, 30-06 and the rest. It shoots accurately and can be reloaded many times...

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Price/Avail 810-4PH5013  Lapua 220 Russian Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH5004  Lapua 221 Fireball Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH5002  Lapua 222 Rem Match Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH5003  Lapua 223 Remington Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH5001  Lapua 22-250 Rem 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6046  Lapua 6mm BR Norma Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6009  Lapua 243 Win Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6020 Lapua 6.5mm Grendel Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6010 Lapua 6.5X47 Lapua 100

Price/Avail 810-4PH6012  Lapua 6.5X55  Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6050 Lapua 260 Remington 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH6030 Lapua 6.5-284 Norma Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH7074  Lapua 7.62X39 Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH7217  Lapua 308 Win Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH7226  Lapua 308 Win Palma 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH7068  Lapua 30-06 Brass 100
Price/Avail 810-4PH8068 Lapua .338 Mag Brass 100
308 Palma has a small primer - Needs Different Decapper

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