Muzzleloader Bullets and Sabots

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Muzzle Loader Bullets and Muzzleloader Sabots $7.95 Shipping*

TC Shockwave Sabots

TC Shock Wave Sabots

207-8236  .50/250gr. Standard (30)

 207-8207 .50/250gr. Bonded (15)
207-8211  .50/300gr. Bonded (15)
(Standard have yellow tips, bonded are blue)
TC Super Glide Sabots

TC Super Glide Sabots

207-8208  .50/250gr. Standard (15)
207-8215  .50/300gr. Stdrd (15) 
207-8245  .50/250gr. Bonded (15)
 207-8235  .50/300gr. Bonded (15)

Barnes Expander MZ, .50 Cal. HP Muzzleloader Bullets (15 pk)
Barnes Expander MZ (15)

Dead Center Bullets

Info/Order 017-118  300 gr. Bullets
Info/Order 017-125  340 gr. Bullets
Info/Order 017-122  175 gr. Bullets
Info/Order 017-115  195 gr. Bullets
Hornady SST Sabots

Hornady Muzzleloading

.50 Caliber SST Sabots
Same as TC Shock Wave
.50/250gr SST Sabots

Barnes Spitfire MZ (15)

TC Maxiball Conical

 Deep Penetration for Elk & Dangerous Game
207-7895  .50/320gr. Bullets
(See Eb's First Elk - 150 yds PeepRib Shot)

TC MaxiHunter Conical

(Maximum Expansion for Deer)
207-7885 .50/275gr. Bullets
207-7785   .50/350gr. Bullets

Barnes Spitfire FB (15)

207-8206 Sure Fire Sabots .50/230gr. (20)
207-8276 Round Balls .50/175gr (100)

Mag. Express Sabots
and Cheap Shots...

207-8246 .50/240gr Sabots
207-8287  .54/250gr. Sabots
207-8296 .50/240gr Cheap Shot Sabots
Barnes Spit-Fire TMZ, Boat Tail .50 Cal Muzzleloader Bullets (15 pk)

Barnes Spitfire BT (15)

Note: - The 250 gr TC Shock Wave and Hornady 250 SST at 1623 fps, use ED value .0667 in the BRC software with Hawke Ballistic Scopes.

  Flat Rate $7.95 Bullets Only Shipping - Freight is prepaid to the 1st 48 states on our choice regular ground service only. Each Bullets Only order will have a Non-Refundable $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping charge, excluding AK, HI, PR, and VI orders, or any order where the customer pays actual freight & insurance. Orders shipping to AK, HI, PR, and VI or any customer requesting a different shipping method will pay actual freight & insurance. We reserve the right to ship by UPS, FedEx, commercial truck, U. S. Postal, or Speedy Delivery. As you know, bullets are heavy and shipping charges for traditional methods (UPS, etc.) are usually expensive. This $7.95 Flat Rate is for a single shipment of up to 15 lbs of bullets, packed in a single container for shipping. The shipping charge will be $7.95 whether you order 2 boxes, 5 boxes, 7 boxes or more (up to 15 lbs).
  Out-of-stock and partially out-of-stock orders will be back-ordered, held, and shipped all together in one shipment as soon as we are re-stocked. (Back Orders aren't charged until they ship and split ship of partial back orders is available at $7.95/Shipment).

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