Muzzle Loading Bullets from Dead Center Precision Rifle

Muzzle Loading Bullets - Dead Center and Duplex Muzzleloading Bullets for Accuracy in Muzzle Loading.

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Muzzle Loading Bullets for Accuracy

A truth you can rely on is that ALL bullets obey the laws of ballistics... Even muzzle loader bullets. These Precision Rifle saboted bullets give higher ballistic coefficients for their bullet weight and shoot flatter trajectories than conventional muzzle loader bullets. More importantly still, the extreme precision under which these bullets are manufactured results in superb accuracy. There’s a model to suit every hunter’s needs, too...
A. The Extreme Elite™ Bullet represents the "very best value" in an all-lead hunting and target bullet. It delivers outstanding accuracy with Encore and Omega 209X50 rifles. The 330 and 360 gr saboted bullets are optimum for the 1:28 TC rifling twist. Extreme Elite bullets have a continuous ogive and rebated boat-tail that enhance ballistic performance and put the Extreme Elite HP in a class all it's own.
B. The Dead Center™ Bullet - Muzzleloaders are limited in velocity by the physics of the gun and the limitations of the components. The only place left to increase performance is through bullet design... Introducing the Dead Center Bullet. Dead Centers are designed with extremely high ballistic coefficients (BC) which result in higher downrange velocities and therefore higher downrange energy on impact.
In addition, the Dead Center is designed for shoot-thru performance. The polymer tip and the cavity behind the polymer tip are constructed to dissipate most of the bullet’s energy while still gaining complete penetration. Velocities over 1800 fps with 100 gr. 777 - Use a 150-200 yard zero for dead aim.
C. Duplex Dead Center™ Bullet - Shoots a .357 caliber Dead Center bullet from your 50 caliber muzzle loader. A seemingly crazy idea that seats a high BC .357 caliber

Dead Center bullet into a sabot-within-a-sabot. Available in 175 and 195 grain bullet weights, these lighter bullets shoot at velocities in excess of 2100 fps with 100-120 gr of Triple 7. Aim dead-on out to 200 yards, and hit fine at 250-300 yds with a slight hold over. This is the bullet to choose when hunting open country and using a telescopic sight.

Info/Order 017-E33 Extreme Elite 330 gr.Bullets (12)
Info/Order 017-E36 Extreme Elite 360 gr. Bullets (12)
Info/Order 017-118 Dead Center 300 gr. Bullets (12)
Info/Order 017-125 Dead Center 340 gr. Bullets (12)
Info/Order 017-122 DC Duplex 175 gr. Bullets (12)
Info/Order 017-115 DC Duplex 195 gr. Bullets (12)

These bullets include the sabots and fit 50 caliber TC muzzle loaders. Packages of 12 include a Seater and load/ballistic data.

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