Dave Griffith and the Encore Accuracy Barrel
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Dave Griffith Hunts Deer with His Encore 7-08 Accuracy Barrel

Daves Encore Rifle and Kansas DeerEben,
  Attached is a photo of the buck I took last Saturday morning December 12 near Longton, Kansas. I used the 7mm-08 26" Encore barrel you made for me earlier this year. This is the first deer harvested with this barrel. I used a Barnes 140 gr. Triple Shock bullet with 44 gr of Varget. The bullet went through both lungs and he went down in 30 yards, even though it was a running shot. The shot was across in front of me only 60 yards with lots of follow time, 15" of uphill snow to slow him down, and a hill for a safety backstop (I don't normally shoot at running deer). He has 5 tines on a side with nice Christmas tree brow tines with a couple extra countable points. This is not a huge rack for a Kansas 5x5, but it was definitely a keeper for me. I am very pleased with the barrel you made for me. It shoots less than 0.5" groups (my last target had the first 4 shots in the same hole at 100 yards. I think this will be my favorite deer gun for a long, long time. Thanks for making such fine barrels. --Dave Griffith, Wichita, KS

P.S.: you may use this verbiage and photo however you wish.
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