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Patty Froemming's 6.5mm BRM Encore Deer Story...

Patty and the 6.5mm BRM  Being an employee here at E. Arthur Brown I deal with the Encore and our 6.5 BRM everyday. I tell customers about the products, but the information that I tell comes from T/C information books, our Custom Shop here at EABCO, and from the experiences customers share with me. I had never even shot an Encore before until this year. I like to hunt a lot and always use my same old rifles. I think itís because I know I can shoot and hit with them. So this year I was given the opportunity to use one of E. Arthur Browns 6.5 BRM Encore. What a beauty! We went to the range with it and I got ac-quainted with the rifle. What a great caliber! Me being a woman am a little skittish about recoil. We shot probably 20-25 rounds and my shoulder felt like I had been shooting a 22 for the last half hour. It was GREAT! Once I was comfortable with the rifle it was time to pack it up and bring it home for the first weekend hunt.
  It was 6:15 in the morning and blacker then black out. I walked out to my stand and got situated. Usually once it starts to get light out I like to look through my scope and make sure everything is looking right. Last year I pulled up my scope and all I saw was white. The scope was foggy and I was sweating it. All I could think about was what if a deer comes by, I wonít even be able to see it in the scope. So once it started to get light out this year I brought the rifle up and looked through the scope. It was perfect! No fog and the Mueller 3-10X44 was so clear. I was all excited already and I had not even seen a deer yet! It was around 8:00 a.m. and I had not seen anything or heard anything. The deer always walk in front of my stand so naturally thatís where I was looking. For some reason I decided to turn around and look behind me. I turned around and there stood 4 deer!!! Of course I started shaking and breathing hard while trying not to move because they were staring right at me. We did the stare down for about a minute and a half. Then all of a sudden the doe jumped 2 great big jumps and I thought it was all over. She jumped and I got one hand on my gun. She stopped and looked at me again for about another minute. The 3 fawns were just minding there own business and didnít really notice me to much. As long as mom was comfortable I suppose they thought they were too. After the second stare down the doe put her head down. When she did this I was able to get both hands on my gun. She looked at me again and then started walking. Once she started walking I was able to turn all the way around and pull my gun up. She walked behind a pine tree and I knew that once she came out of behind that tree it was going to be the only time to shoot. I had my gun up and pointed at the pine tree. I looked through the scope and all I saw was her head and neck and she was looking at me again. I brought the cross hairs to where I thought her shoulder would be. I couldnít see because her body was behind the pine tree. I took a deep breath and said to myself SQUEEZE and pulled the trigger. All I saw was the three fawns take off in 3 different directions and the doe drop. I couldnít see too much of her because she was behind the pine tree. I could see her hooves kicking and hear the leafs rustling. About 5 minutes later I finally started breathing again and was shaking so darn bad, but I had a smile on my face. The first thing that came to mind was Eben Browns words ďIt only takes one bulletĒ and wasnít that true. I have shot deer with one shot before, but I always had an automatic so if that darn deer got up I was shooting again where with this Encore I truly only had one shot!
  Needless to say I had a blast shooting my deer with EABCO 6.5 BRM! What a great story I have to tell and the experience to tell my customers. I feel I can tell them more accurately about the Encore, our 6.5 BRM barrel, and Muellerís great scope because I have used them and experienced them out in the field. It was an awesome hunt for me and I canít wait to do it again.
  Patty Froemming
  Garfield, Minnesota
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