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Mike Innis Shoots a Bobcat with his 97D Rifle

  Glad you enjoyed the (Varmint Hunter) article... And it was a nice review because you make a good product.  As a gun writer, I'll have to tell you that not all the firearms I test and evaluate get the same favorable reviews.  I tell it like I see it... The 97D is a winner, and exceeds expectations.  I used to tell my marketing team: "Under-promise and over deliver and I'll never need to fix one of your customers for you."  ...The 97D in 6mmPPC was not a challenge.  I just followed your instructions, fireforming them and then loading them up and immediately started putting all the shots in one ragged hole… I have sent along an image of a beautiful Bob Cat, ugly hunter (me), and beautiful 97D in 6mm PPC.  - Mike Innis (right)  
(See Mike's 6mm PPC and 97D Rifle Review in Varmint Hunter Magazine)
Mike Innis with 97D Rifle and Bob Cat
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