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Roger Brown Enjoys is 97D Rifle in 6.5mm BRM

Roger Brown with Single Shot 97D RifleMarch 8, 2009 Mr. Eben:
  Thought you might be interested in seeing these targets. Absolutely impressed with your 97D rifle in 6.5MM BRM. The finest rifle I have ever owned, you definitely undersell this rifle. The workmanship is outstanding, anyone with any doubts about purchasing this rifle should just put their doubts aside and buy it, they will be impressed also. I would like to add that every experience that I have had with anyone that works for your company has been a pleasure, they are and have been most helpful and pleasant. Janelle and Jill are surely winners.
  This target consists of actually 2 targets, the main sheet of square targets is the barrel break in shots. The 13 shots walk down into a 1 group of which I can only account for 9 of the shots the last 4 shots are inside the 1 circle that cant been seen, but they are there. The break in procedure was the KG 12. Shoot 1 shot then clean the barrel, the following steps were used, clean with KG1,wipe out with KG 3, clean with KG12, apply KG 2, fire a shoot and repeat the process for all 16 shots. The shoot-n-c target on the lower left of the same page was the next day shooting your custom loaded ammunition, looks like pretty close to .28 or .29 at its widest point and .22 or .23 at is narrowest point center to center. Im IMPRESSED.
  Thanks for such an outstanding rifle. One question, what numbers of Vihta Vuori powders should I have on hand to load 120 gr, 130 gr and 140 grs bullets, looks like 120 Grs tipped tsx, 130 gr tsx, 140 amax and vld ? I am guessing n140, n150, n160, maybe n165 or n170 ???? Mr. Brown once again super nice rifle and the very pleasant doing business with you guys. - Roger E. Brown, Bush, LA
Roger Brown Single Shot 97D Rifle Target

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  Developing 6.5mm BRM Loads - Generally, you can use the same types of powders as 6.5x55 Swede BUT DIFFERENT AMOUNTS.
  We've posted several 6.5mm BRM loads at and some customers have begun to post there too - Check it out!
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