Bronco Floor Squeegee
Bronco Floor Squeegee - The Industrial Squeegee with Deep, Dual Squeegee Blades
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Bronco Floor Squeegee by Dean H. Brown
  Our Bronco Floor Squeegee is a deep, dual bladed industrial squeegee. Fully 36" wide and 4" deep, it moves high volume water, liquid, slush, and even dry material. A heavy duty squeegee, the Bronco is formed and braced to handle serious squeegee work. I designed it to handle the heavy work of spreading industrial floor coatings in warehouses and factories. It does all that and will easily keep your swimming pool deck dry, too.
  Every Bronco Floor Squeegee is hand built and inspected to be sure it meets my toughest standards. Yes, it's more expensive than the window squeegees you're used to. But if you need a Floor Squeegee that works, the Bronco Squeegee will meet your needs. Order Your's Today!

Price is $121 Postpaid
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- Update February 26, 2021 - Thank you so much for all your orders! We've been manufacturing and selling our Bronco Floor Squeegies since way back in 2010 and we owe all of our success to our many repeat customers as well as new customers!
- This latest update adds some more payment options to make ordering easier. Remember if you have any questions or wish to order quantity, feel free to call or email us. We appreciate your business! - Thanks Again... Sincerely, Dean

Bronco Floor Squeegee with Dean H Brown
Floor Squeegee Brackets Floor Squeegee Blades Deep, Dual Blades...
 - 1/2" High Density Foam
 - 4" High and 36" Long
 - 1/2" Separation
Heavy Duty Construction
 - Heavy Gauge Steel Channel
 - Heavy Gauge Steel Braces
 - Steel Casting, Nuts, and Bolts
 - Thick 6' Hardwood Handle
Please Note: We CAN and DO Make Other Sizes... Call or Email!
  Hi. My name is Dean Brown and this is the Bronco Floor Squeegee. It's an industrial floor squeegee that I developed for use in my industrial floor coatings business.  My customers saw it and asked me to build them one... Then another... And then they asked for even more, and I found myself in the Industrial Floor Squeegee Business. Most of my customers use the Bronco for moving liquids. Up here in Minnesota many of them use it to shove slush or mud back out the door after a delivery truck has messed up their loading dock. And since it moves dry material too, I even have a few machine shops that use the Bronco to push metal chips (chips always get clogged up in brooms and mops).
  The Bronco is a foam bladed squeegee but don't confuse it with the puny foam squeegees you've seen elsewhere. No other foam squeegee is 4" deep. No other foam squeegee is dual bladed with a half inch gap between the blades... The dual blades are not a marketing gimmick... The gap truly makes them work like two giant floor squeegees.
  I built my original Bronco Floor Squeegee to survive the heavy duty demands of applying industrial floor coatings day after day... Its not a throw away or disposable squeegee. I use heavy gauge steel for the channel and support brackets. I use nuts and bolts to secure the blades... Which makes it easy for you to replace the blades (when they finally show some wear). And every Bronco Floor Squeegee is shipped with a thick, 6' long, hardwood handle. No plastic and no rivets... This truly is a heavy duty squeegee, designed for serious industrial grade floor squeegee jobs.
  The price is $121 postpaid to the continental USA (AK, HI, and Canada call for shipping charge). Minnesota customers have to pay sales tax of course. I've set up a PayPal account that accepts all major credit cards. The standard Bronco Floor Squeegee is 36" wide. We can and do make other sizes if you need something different. Call or email with your needs and we'll quote a price.
  If you'd like to order a Bronco Floor Squeegee right now, just click the "Buy Now" button above and enter your order and credit card information. If you have questions, feel free to call or email... We'll answer!
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  Swimming pool floor and deck squeegees are another area where the Bronco Floor Squeegee will shine. Watch our video above to see how quickly a wet floor (or swimming pool deck) dries after the Bronco Floor Squeegee pushes the water away. The thin film of remaining water often evaporates before your very eyes. Get a Bronco Floor Squeegee for your swimming pool deck, patio, driveway, garage floor, tennis court, etc. Any flat surface that holds water can be made dry in minutes with the Bronco Floor Squeegee!
  Learn More About Squeegees and Floor Squeegees at Wikipedia Floor Squeegees: For example, did you know the original name was not "squeegee"? The floor squeegee has its origins in the wooden bladed "squilgee" used by sailors and fisherman to scrape fish blood and scales from their boat deck, and also to push water off the deck after it had been washed. Of course modern floor squeegees have been refined and engineered to do much more than the deck squilgees of old. Hospitals use floor squeegees to clean up operating rooms and patient rooms because a floor squeegee is more sanitary than a mop. Butchers and meat markets use floor squeegees for the same reason... a floor squeegee pushes the mess away where a mop simply moves it around. Warehouses and loading docks use floor squeegees for quick floor clean-up.... Spraying soap and water on the floor and pushing the rinse into a drain with a floor squeegee.
  Squeegees in general have many uses. Everyone knows they work well for window cleaning. But squeegees are also used in silk screening to spread ink evenly across a stencil. Squeegees are used in photography to dry the paper without wrinkles or spots. And have you ever heard of a horse scraper? Its a squeegee for removing sweat from a horses coat! And getting back to floor squeegees, they're used to clear water off tennis courts and pool decks, too. Do you have a low spot in your driveway that collects water from rain or car washing? Push it away with a floor squeegee!
  Floor Squeegee Videos - You can see all of the videos Google has on Floor Squeegees at There's also a bunch of good floor squeegee video on Bing at