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209x50 Barrels, Stocks, Sights
Muzzle Loading Accessories
Muzzle Loading Accessories

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TC Encore Muzzle Loading Rifles, Barrels, and Accessories.

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Muzzle Loader Accessories

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Riflescopes and Sights

Fully Optimized Encore 209X50 Muzzle Loader

Action Job, Laminated Target Stocks, PeepRib Sight System, and EZ-Tip Extractor.

Accurate Muzzle Loading Bullets, Click Here!

Pro Hunter Fluted Muzzle Loader Barrels

Info/Order 207-4744 TC Pro Hunter Barrel 26" WthrShld 209x50
Info/Order 207-4750 TC Pro Hunter XT Barrel 28" Stnls 209x50

TC Encore Action Job - Mass production doesn't leave time for cleaning up and tuning of trigger mechanisms. Our TC "Action Job" puts the time and skill into tuning up your action to its optimum potential. We grind sear surfaces to mate squarely, polish out seams left by the parts molding process, shim parts that need to return to the same position from shot to shot, adjust spring tensions, and set over travel screws. If your frame doesn't have an over travel screw, we install one. Results are safe, clean triggers of approximately 2.5 lbs. pull. 
Please DO NOT send any barrels, buttstocks, forends or hinge pins when sending in your frame for this service.

Info/Order 751-001 TC Encore Action Job (Send In Your Action)
(Package Deal: Save $10 When You Order a New Action from EABCO)

EZtip01_small.gif (17238 bytes)EZtip02.gif (21712 bytes)
E-Z Tip Extractor for Encore 209X50 and 209X45
  The E-Z Tip swivels out of the way so you can remove your breech plug without disassembling your rifle.
  Easy to Install, too... Order your's today!

Info/Order 207-7211 E-Z Tip Extractor

Scopes for Muzzle Loaders

Info/Order 029-03940 Mueller 3-9X40 Red Dot
(Japanese glass, German coatings, Info Click Here)
Info/Order 210-80436 Tasco BPO Mil Dot 2.5-10X42mm 
(Range finding reticle, A/O, T/K For Info Click Here)


Info/Order 207-7143 PreSaturated #13 Patches 
Info/Order 207-7127 Composite T-Handle Starter
Info/Order 207-9041 TC #13 Black Powder Solvent

Order Rings Separately Here

Info/Order 23-10042 KeyLock Rings 1" Black Pair
Info/Order 23-10043 KeyLock Rings 1" Silver Pair
Info/Order 134-214M Warne 30mm Rings Matte Pair
Info/Order 134-214S Warne 30mm Rings Silver Pair

Order the KeyLock Bases Separately Here

Info/Order 127-808B Encore KeyLock Scope Base Black
Info/Order 127-808S Encore KeyLock Scope Base Silver
Info/Order 127-801 Encore Pro Hunter Picatinny Base Black
Info/Order 127-804 Encore Pro Hunter Ext Eye Relief Base
Info/Order 127-802 Encore Pro Hunter 20 Ga. SHOTGUN Base
Info/Order 127-806 Encore 20 MOA Scope Base Black
Info/Order 127-812 Encore PeepRib Sight System and Base

Laminated Stock Sets -  We have these in thumbhole and regular styles. Click Here for Photos and Details.

PeepRib Sight System - Click Here for Details!

Info/Order 127-812 PeepRib Sight Encore/Omega

WGRS Peep Sight
  If you're in a state that doesn't allow scopes on muzzle loaders, the WGRS Peep sight (above left) is a superb option for precision aiming AND HITTING with iron sights! Peep sights give precision sight alignment automatically. And, the WGRS amplifies this by extending the Encore sight radius... adding more precision to your aiming. 

Info/Order 716-63304 WGRS Encore/Omega Peep Sight

6-Screw KeyLock Scope Mounts

Strong, Light, and Straight (Installed)
intloc05.gif (47891 bytes)  We learned how crooked most scope mounts are by mounting three rings on handguns. Everything settles fine on two rings. But with three rings, the rocking and flexing that happens with most machined rings and bases is too much. That's why you hear all this stuff about "Lapping In" rings. Instead of that...
  We developed our KeyLock Mounts from an extrusion process. Its like the Play-Dough factory we played with as kids... only with high tensile aircraft aluminum. Rings and bases all are formed through the same dies so they're the same... NOT CROOKED.
  The rings are extremely strong and rigid. We include 6-Screw installation of the base. And we give a package deal when you order your mount at the same time as your barrel.
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