25 ACP breech plug and variflame small rifle primer adaptors

Encore Breech Plug Primer Accuracy - 25 ACP Breech Plug and VariFlame fit Small Rifle Primers.

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VariFlame II Primer Conversion for Muzzle Loaders

Switch from 209 Shot Gun Primers to Large Rifle Cartridge Primers for Better Accuracy and
Less Fouling - Works with Blackhorn 209*, Triple Seven, and Other Black Powder Substitutes

  The new VariFlame II Primer Conversion for TC Encore muzzle loaders converts your barrel from 209 shotgun primers to Large Rifle cartridge primers. The new system uses stainless steel primer adaptors with a rim the size of 22 hornet... Making it easy to re-prime with any hand-held priming tool (like reloaders use). These VariFlame II primer adaptors are re-usable forever (almost)... They're steel-strong and won't deform even with hot loads. De-cap or remove used primers with a punch. Re-prime with a Lee Auto-Prime and #7 or #20  (22 Hornet) shellholder.
  Why Convert from 209 Primers?- Well first of all, ACCURACY!  209 primers have enough pressure to disrupt a load before it ignites. This causes inconsistencies that will degrade your accuracy potential.
  And Second, FOULING! 209 primers are cruddy foulers of your bore and breech plug. Fouling is bad for accuracy and in the breech plug it can degrade the reliability of ignition, too. Large Rifle Primers are cleaner.
  Large Rifle Primers have a hot enough flame to ignite most muzzle loading powders reliably. However, *you should use Magnum Primers with Blackhorn 209 powder. Magnum Large Rifle Primers with Blackhorn 209 powder will give you the cleanest shooting ever.
  Info/Order  10 Adaptors with Modified Encore Breech Plug

(Breech Plug Fits Std Encore Barrel - Does NOT Fit Pro Hunter Barrels)

  Info/Order  10 Adaptors Only - No Breech Plug
VariFlame II Primer Conversion for Muzzle Loaders

Click Here for Prices and Ordering Info Variflame II LR Primer Adaptors and Accessories

Important Notes: VariFlame LR Primer Conversion is intended for use with Loose Powder Loads. Do Not Use with Pellets.
VariFlame II Replaces the Original VariFlame and 25 ACP Small Rifle (SR) Primer Conversion Systems

Brief History of the VariFlame II LR Primer Conversion

  The original concept was to convert muzzleloaders from 209 shotgun primers to Small Rifle (SR) cartridge primers. Cecil Epp of Precision Rifle came up with breech plug conversions that used 22 Hornet and later 25 ACP brass for holders of SR cartidge primers. These were so successful, he next came up with the original VariFlame Small Rifle primer holders so that you could use Small Rifle primers without modifying 209 breech plugs. These original SR VariFlames were made out of brass and came with hand tools for decapping and reloading. They were extremely popular with accuracy fanatics...
  The introduction of Blackhorn 209 powder changed the mission of the VariFlame primer conversion. Blackhorn 209 requires a hotter flame for reliable ignition AND it can generate higher pressures during ignition. So, Cecil went back to the drawing board and the shooting range designing and testing systems based on the use of Large Rifle (LR) cartridge primers. We can now recommend the new Large Rifle Primer VariFlame adaptor system (using magnum primers) for Blackhorn 209 powder. Triple 7, Pyrodex, and others can use regular Large Rifle primers.
  Live testing of shooting products often leads to conclusions you didn't start out to prove. In the process of developing a Large Rifle Primer conversion that would ignite Blackhorn 209 powder reliably, Cecil became a die-hard fan of the new Blackhorn 209 powder. He re-thought the VariFlame primer holder concept specifically for high pressure Blackhorn 209 loads and came up with much stronger stainless steel primer holders. Making them the same rim dimension as 22 Hornet for easy re-priming was the crowning touch. We think Blackhorn 209 powder, with the VariFlame II and Magnum Large Rifle Primers... Will Revolutionize Muzzle Loader Accuracy!

The 25 ACP and VariFlame Small Rifle Primer Conversions Have Been Replaced by the New VariFlame II Large Rifle
Primer Conversion System (above). The information below is offered only for historical value.

Original Primer Conversion Ad - Encore Breech Plug Primer Accuracy
Switch to Small Rifle Primers for Better Accuracy and Less Fouling

Replace the 209X50 Priming System...
It is pretty much common knowledge that the 209X50 primer has potential for disrupting accuracy in muzzle loading rifles. The ignition blast upsets your loads and the amount of fouling just adds to the already existing problems that muzzle loader fouling presents to those who seek accuracy.
The solution is to use small rifle primers... Less primer blast and far cleaner ignition AND, its easy to convert your rifle with the following methods:
Encore 25 ACP Breech Plugs - The original conversion method seats a small rifle primer in a 25 ACP cartridge case. These cases act as primer holders that fit a specially modified breech plug. The conversion is simple... just replace your breech plug with the 25 ACP Breech Plug (not for Pro Hunter).
Besides improved accuracy, a major advantage of this system is that the brass cases seal the ignition so well, you don't get the usual smoky, cruddy fouling around the primer and breech.
The 25 ACP primer holders are completely re-usable. To seat and decap primers in the 25 ACP cases, you will need cartridge loading tools or at least a 1/16th punch to decap used primers and a hand held priming tool to seat new primers.

Left - 25 ACP Breech Plug, Right - VariFlame Adaptors
These Systems Are Replaced by the VariFlame II (Above)

017-0521 Encore 25 ACP Breech Plug Kit
(Includes 25 ACP Breech Plug and 12 ACP Cartridge Cases)
017-VF1 VariFlame Adaptors w/Tools Kit
(Includes 10 Adaptors plus Decap and Seating Tools)
017-VF2 VariFlame Spare Adaptors (10)

VariFlame Primer Adaptors - An ingenious adaptor that's shaped just like a 209X50 primer, but that seats small rifle primers instead. You can use these with any existing 209X50 breech plug. They are completely re-usable and come with tools for punching out used primers and seating new ones.

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