Wipe Out Bore Foam Gun Cleaner

Wipe Out Bore Cleaner Foam - Brushless foam gun cleaner dissolves copper, carbon, powder, brass, bronze.

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Wipe-Out™ Bore Cleaning Foam
Brushless Foaming Accuracy Treatment...

A customer came in recently and raved about restoring a favorite gun to accuracy with Wipe-Out Foaming Bore Cleaner. He had cleaned the barrel thoroughly with brushes and solvents and it still wouldn't shoot accurately. Then he tried Wipe-Out. The patch came out bright blue... which means lots of copper was embedded in his bore. After cleaning with Wipe-Out, the gun became accurate just like when it was new.
Wipe-Out is different, but easy to use. Point the nozzle down the bore and squirt. The barrel instantly fills with expanding foam that penetrates every nook and cranny. Wait an hour and then just Wipe-Out the bore with a cleaning rod, tight fitting jag, and patch. No brushing!
Not acid and not ammonia, Wipe-Out is gentle on rifle barrel steels...
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Its odorless, yet dissolves copper, carbon, brass, bronze, and powder fouling. The patch color tells the tale... Blue is copper fouling. Gray/black is carbon and powder fouling. When the patch comes out colorless, the barrel is clean! If you need a cleaning rod, jag, and patches, please click here (for a 12 Piece Jag Set Click Here) After cleaning with Wipe-Out, we recommend treating the bore with a good gun oil.
  If you like accuracy, you have to try Wipe-Out™... The 5 oz. can lasts a LONG time... Order your's today!

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NEW! WipeOut Spout*
Wipe Out Spout

* Re-Usable, Order Separately

ORDER 111-510 Wipe-Out Bore Foam
ORDER 111-007 Wipe-Out Spout (re-use indefinitely)
 ORDER 111-800 Patch-Out and Wipe-Out Accelerator™

Accelerator is a pre-treat accelerant that cuts cleaning time in half.
Sop your bore with it before applying Patch-Out or Wipe-Out.

New! Patch-Out concentrated non-foaming liquid Click Here!
Cleaning Rods, Jags, and Patches Click Here

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