Handgun Hunting BF Pistol

The Falling Block Alternative to TC Encore and Contender Hunting Handguns

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Call 800-950-9088 to Specify Chamber, Barrel Length, Options, and Accessories

BFP01.gif (184972 bytes) Made-To-Order BF Pistols
* Falling Block Action... Opens w/o Breaking
* Small Frame Handgun, Points Naturally
* Superbly Accurate... Proven in IHMSA/NRA!
  Born in the crucible of 200-500 meter handgun metallic silhouette competition, the BF Hunting Pistol has proven itself as THE champion of accuracy and power in hunting handguns! Shot by 8 of the top 10 competitors, capturing 1st through 6th, 8th,and 9th places... * The BF Dominated the 2001 IHMSA International (World) Championships. 
  * The First Production Class gun to break 30 (twice) at 500 meter silhouettes, Rich Mishler set and held the World Record shooting his BF Pistol to a score of 32/40. Congratulations also to Jim Harris for Shooting his BF to second place with 31/40... Proven Long Range Power and Accuracy.
  We build our Hunting and Competition BF Pistols with equal attention to quality and detail. Every gun is individually fitted and tuned during final assembly. There is no finer hunting handgun on the planet.
brown02.gif (72611 bytes)
BFP02.gif (65150 bytes) Robert Hoberg (left), harvested this beautiful whitetail buck at 205 paces with one shot from his BF Hunting Pistol.
Accuracy and Power at Long Range - The BF is a small frame gun that feels and points comfortably like a handgun should. From the specially designed target grips to the carefully tuned trigger pull, it is designed for optimum handgun shootability. We use only airgauged, match grade barrels in these guns for best accuracy... Turned, threaded, and chambered on center. Then, finished with an 11º crown. The inherent accuracy of the BF action with this much barrel quality... is superb.
Made-To-Order... Just for You! - When you order your BF Hunting Pistol, you can choose from several options: Chamber, barrel length, muzzle brake, finish, scope mounts, engraving, etc. It will be a one-of-a-kind heirloom you can pass on to your kids with pride. Current estimated delivery is 6-12 months. Prices begin with a basic, finished blue gun with no sights... $Call for a quote. You can order everything On-Line from the price list below or call toll free 1-800-950-9088 to order by phone. We collect a non-refundable deposit of 50% when you order and the balance when the gun is finished. Completed guns are shipped to a local FFL licensed gun dealer of your choice.
127-BFP Made-to-Order BF Pistol Blue, No Sights $Call
Call 800-950-9088 to Specify Chamber, Barrel Length, Options, and Accessories
Finishing Options at Extra Cost
127-BFS Subsitute a Stainless Barrel Add $60
127-103 French Gray Finish BF Receiver Add $125

714-BF24K  Gold Plate Trigger (24kt) Add $50

Engraving on Receiver Sides - Price is Per Side
ORDER 714-005 Engrave Ram's Head Add $25  
714-006 Engrave Buffalo Add $25
ORDER 714-007 Engrave Elk Add $25
714-008 Engrave Deer Add $25
ORDER 714-009 Engrave Antelope Add $25
ORDER 714-010 Engrave Prairie Dog Add $25
714-020 Engrave Line of Text Add $25
(Note: Specify Exact Text after you click ORDER)

Long Range Power and Accuracy
Muzzle Brake Options at Extra Cost
ORDER 127-SL2 Magnum Slimline Brake Blue Add $130
ORDER 127-SL2S Magnum Slimline F Gray Add $140
ORDER 135-JPE JP Muzzle Brake Add $169
ORDER 135-JPES JP Brake (Stnls) Add $189
ORDER 127-OPS   OPS Muzzle Brake Installed $199

Magnum Scope Mounts at Extra Cost
127-504 KeyLock 2-Ring Mount Add $69
ORDER 127-504S KeyLock 2-Ring Mt. Silver Add $69
127-503 KeyLock 3-Ring Mount Add $79
ORDER 127-503S KeyLock 3-Ring Mt. Silver Add $79

IHMSA/NRA Silhouette Options 
127-905 Heavy .905 Diameter Barrel Add $25
Info/Order 127-080 Bomar Bond ScopeRib III Sights

Call 800-950-9088 to Specify Chamber, Barrel Length, Options, and Accessories

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Available Chamberings for Made-to-Order 97D Rifles and BF Pistols

17 HMR*
17 HM2*
17 Bumble Bee* 
17 Hornet (Hornady)*
17 Ackley Hornet*  
17 Ackley Bee* 
17 HeeBee*
17 FireBall*
17 Mach IV *
17 Remington* 
20 Tactical *
204 Ruger *
22 Stinger
22 Long Rifle Match
22 Win Mag Rimfire
22 Hornet
22 K Hornet
22 PPC
221 Remington FB
222 Remington
222 Rem Mag
218 Bee
218 Mashburn Bee
223 Remington
223 Rem Improved
219 Donaldson Wasp
224 BR Mag
225 Winchester
6mm BR Mag
6mm PPC
6mm Donaldson Wasp
25-20 Winchester
25-35 Winchester
25-35 Ackley Improved
6.5mm US
6.5mm BR Mag
6.8 Rem SPC
7mm TCU
7mm US
7-30 Waters
7mm BR Mag
32 HR Mag (.308)
30-20 Match (.308)
300-221 Rimmed
30 Herrett
30-30 Winchester
30-30 Ackley Imp
300 BR Mag
30-40 Krag (30 US)
38 Special
357 Magnum
357 Maximum
357 Herrett
375 Winchester
44 Rem Magnum

* Please Note: Add $30 for .17 and .20 Calibers *
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