Bore Paste - USP Bore Paste gun cleaning and bore paste barrel break-in procedure.

Bore Paste - USP Bore Paste and Bore Paste gun cleaning oil bore lapping and barrel break-in.

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USP Bore Paste™ and Bore Paste Oil

USP Bore Paste and Bore Paste Gun Cleaning OilUSP bore paste patched brush
Gun Cleaning and Barrel Break-In System   A non-embedding abrasive compound that works kind of like hand lapping, but it’s much easier and totally safe for your bore. The abrasive is a rare earth substance (garnet) that is softer than steel but harder than copper. Here’s how it works... You wrap a cotton patch around a bronze bore brush that’s one size smaller than your bore. Saturate the patch with USP Cleaning oil and run it through your bore to pre-moisten the barrel fouling. Then, wrap a fresh patch around the brush and apply USP Bore Paste to it. This patch is run back and forth through the barrel 10-12 times. Finally, run through a clean patch with the USP cleaning oil and follow that with a dry patch to finish up. Use USP Oil for storage. We recommend bore paste for new barrel break-in cleaning procedures as well. We have the USP Bore Paste available as a kit including a 2 oz tube of bore paste and 1 oz bottle of cleaning oil. We also have bronze bore brushes, jags, and patches in all sizes.

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USP Bore Paste Instructions from Package (Click to Enlarge)

USP Bore Paste Package Instructions

USP Bore Paste History

  Back in the mid-1950’s, a then young editor of Field & Stream Magazine, *Warren Page, contacted us to develop a compound that would clean the fouling out of all firearms. That compound was marketed under another name through 1996, when the marketer decided to close his business. Since we developed and manufactured “the original formula,” and since we received requests for its continued availability, we decided to give it a new name – USP BORE PASTE™ (which is the original formula), and to add a new product normally used in conjunction with most precision machinery, USP GUN CLEANING OIL™. The oil is a custom blended formula that has cleaning, penetrating, and lubricating properties and is compatible for use with USP Bore Paste.
  The old product was put up in a 2 oz. jar, which most users applied by sticking their finger in the jar. In developing the new package, we decided to place the product in a tube, which can be applied without getting it on your fingers, and since very little oxygen gets into the tube, allows for longer shelf and storage life.
  USP BORE PASTE™ has been used extensively in cleaning firearms that have fired moly-coated ammunition as well as all other types of ammunition. Some 14 years ago, we were contracted by Merrill Martin, a writer for Precision Shooting Magazine, one of many hats that Merrill wears, to take part in a study concerning moly-coated ammunition. Thousands of test firings of moly-coated bullets were conducted. The result has been enhanced accuracy along with longer bore life (up to 4 times normal bore life, which, up to this time, has been approximately 2,500 rounds). In addition, it was noted that the bore did not need cleaning for as many as 100 shots while maintaining accuracy during all shots. Reference: “Adventures with Moly”, Parts 1 and 2 (Precision Shooting, August 1998). All authored by Rudolph Constantine.
  So you can see that we have been involved for many years in enhancing accuracy from all firearms.
  * See “The Accurate Rifle” by Warren Page, page 190

Barrel Break-In or Barrel Seasoning

We recommend USP Bore Paste for Barrel Break-in or Seasoning as well as for general cleaning. See
why and how to proceed at:
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