Ghost Rocket Trigger for Glock and Ruger
Ghost Rocket Trigger Tune - Glock Trigger Job and Ruger SR9 Trigger Job System. How to Tune Your Glock Trigger...

Ghost "Rocket" Trigger Systems for Glock and Ruger SR9 Pistols

  The Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector allows you to shorten the trigger over travel and trigger re-set on your Glock (or Ruger SR9). These are critical improvements for achieving better accuracy:
  Over Travel - In the first place, over-travel is continued trigger and gun movement after the shot is ignited. This causes off-center hits (right handers shoot to the left and left handers shoot to the right).
  Trigger Re-Set - In the second place, too much over-travel causes way too long of a trigger re-set stroke for follow-up shots. After the first shot with either Glock or Ruger SR, the trigger can re-set in full cocked position with very little forward movement. Shorten that movement with the "Rocket" trigger connector and after the first shot, your trigger will behave almost like a single action auto.
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Installing the Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector

  It's a matter of replacing the factory trigger connector with the Rocket trigger connector, and then gradually shortening the trigger control tab (TCT) on the Rocket. Disassemble, shorten, re-assemble, and test. Repeat that process. You want to get the TCT just short enough to allow the trigger to release the firing pin and then stop... That's the best over-travel and re-set position.

Installation Videos from YouTube

  The hardest part is learning to disassemble and re-assemble the fire control mechanism. Fortunately there are quite a large number of how-to videos on YouTube that'll show you how other shooters have done it. We picked a few of the better ones to link here (right).

Special Tools for Glock Installations

  With Glocks, you have to pull the trigger to uncock the firing pin before you can remove the slide. The Rocket trigger connector will prevent the trigger from being pulled all the way until it is shortened sufficiently. So, you need a way to release the firing pin so that you can get the gun apart while you are gradually shortening the TCT. We have  a temporary slide plate (orange colored) that has an open bottom. The open bottom allows you to reach in and release the firing pin without having to pull the trigger. When you're done, you re-install the original black slide plate. (see video)
Ghost Rocket Trigger for Glock and Ruger SR9Glock Ghost Rocket Trigger Side View

Rocket Glock Video (above)
Rocket SR9 Video #1    |    Rocket SR9 Video #2
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