Hogue PowerSpeed Holsters
Hogue PowerSpeed Holsters - Auto-Lock Retention, Custom Adjustable Paddle and Belt Plates... All User Configurable.

  The Hogue PowerSpeed Holster is a major advance in auto-locking gun retention as well as custom configurability.
  All Positions Included - Hogue PowerSpeed Holsters include everything you need to custom configure your gun for paddle or belt style carry. You get BOTH a paddle and a belt plate with multiple screw positions to set your gun angle (aka "cant"). The belt plate includes belt slot spacers to custom fit belts from 1¼  to 2 inches wide. There's even a spacer you can mount between either the paddle or the belt plate to give more body clearance. One holster, regular and cross-draw, all angles and spacing!
  Auto-Locking Retention - The Hogue PowerSpeed holster automatically "locks in" your handgun when you insert it into the holster. It can't shake loose. You can do handstands and cartwheels and your handgun won't fall out of this holster. But, when you want to draw your handgun, your thumb automatically releases the lock as you reach for the grip.
  The Lock is SECURE... Positioned between you and your gun, it can't be bumped or released by unauthorized hands!

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These holsters list for $49. We need to sell them to make room for new products coming in this Summer. Brand New and Under Full Warranty. Order Extras for your shooting buddies!
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  Levels of Concealment - The belt plate with no spacer carries the closest to your body. Add the spacer or switch to the paddle plate to add clearance. For the most clearance (and least conceal ability) add the spacer to the paddle plate. Info/Order Hogue PowerSpeed Holsters for 1911
(Models to Fit Govt, Commander, and Officer Sizes)
Info/Order Hogue PowerSpeed Holsters for Glock
(Models to Fit Most Popular Glocks, RH and LH)
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Personal Impressions by Eben Brown
  Carrying a pistol is such a personal thing, most people end up trying several holsters before they find what works best for them. This is what most attracted me to the Hogue PowerSpeed system... You can try alot of different carrying styles, gun cants, etc with this one holster system. And this is exactly what I did with two guns: My Combat Commander and Ruger SR9.
  The Combat Commander is an all steel (heavy) 1911 style pistol. In the Hogue PowerSpeed holster, I carried it paddle style with a slightly forward cant. The paddle system is very comfortable and doesn't sag or hang away from my waist. I found it very convenient for carrying a pistol to work and being able to take it off without a big wrestling match or undoing my belt.
  I tried the paddle set up for cross draw, too. In this configuration I needed to use the spacer to give clearance for the retention lock thumb lever. Again, this proved to be a very secure and comfortable carry with the heavy 1911 pistol.
  One more thing worth mentioning: My Combat Commander has a Bomar Combat rear sight that stopped the gun from holstering fully into the Hogue holster. I used a Dremel rotary sander to make clearance in the holster for my sight... It's a Perfect Fit!
  My Ruger SR9 fits most holsters that fit the Glock 17. In this case the Hogue PowerSpeed for the Glock 17 was workable... The sides were a little tight and the front sight rubbed pretty hard on the inside of the holster. But, a little trial and error work with a file had the Glock 17 Hogue holster working perfectly with my Ruger SR9. What a solid, secure holster system.
  I tested this holster with the belt plate. There's a front and back to this belt plate... With the back side angled to pull the pistol grip close to your body. Straight up and down allows you to use the belt plate with no spacer and it's set up to hold the pistol grip as close as possible to the body. This configuration seems to be the best set up for concealed carry. You can use the belt plate with a forward cant and keep the close-to-the-body arrangement. But carrying cross-draw will require use of the spacer to give clearance for the retention lock to move.
  One more feature of the belt plate system is a set of spacers for the belt slots. These make the plate fit belts from 1¼ to 2" with no slop. BUT... They can also be used to create another angle of cant by positioning one spacer on top and one on the bottom of the belt loops... This has turned out to be my favorite set-up for concealed carry with the Hogue PowerSpeed Holster Sytem.
  Finally, I have a few thoughts on the Auto-Lock Retention system... This is all about safety and conceal ability. Other holsters approach this with the idea of keeping the pistol close to the body and they put the release on the outside of the holster... Where it can be bumped, snagged, or accessed by unauthorized people. The Hogue PowerSpeed release is protected and hidden between the pistol and your body. The outside is smooth, snag-free, and covers the trigger completely. When you draw, your thumb presses the retention lock naturally as you grasp your pistol grip. Hogue has cleverly positioned the mechanism on the back side of the belt plate contour, allowing the gun and pistol grip to rest close to the body... Excellent for Concealed Carry.
  Yes, I highly recommend the Hogue PowerSpeed Holster system... I like it and you will, too.