JPoint red dot sight
JPoint Red Dot Sight from EABCO - Don't Be Fooled by JPoint Copy-Cats. This is the Genuine Battle Proven Original!

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JPoint... World's Smallest Red Dot Sight!

Don't be Fooled by Copy-Cats... JPoint is the Genuine, Battle Proven Original... That WORKS!

JPoint on a Weaver MountJPoint pistol mountJPoint on ACOG scope JPoint on a revolverWorld's Smallest Red Dot
  The JPoint Red Dot Sight has earned a solid reputation on handguns, battle rifles (in Iraq and Afghanistan), muzzle loaders, and slug guns. Measuring just 42mm x 25.4mm x 23mm, it is also the smallest red dot sight in the world! So small, yet it gives the same easy and fast sighting that much larger red dot sights are famous for.
  The JPoint has an illuminated red dot aiming point powered by a CR2032 battery you can buy just about anywhere. It automatically adjusts the dot brightness to suit the shooting situation, gives parallax free 1X aiming just as quick as you can center the dot on your target, and adds only .05 oz to the weight of your firearm. And with 5,000g of recoil resistance, it's suitable for all of the most popular mounting situations. We have mounts for most popular firearms... Please Scroll Down for a complete list of the JPoint Mounts that we offer.
  The JPoint sight adjusts for windage and elevation with an external disk and two-screw adjustment system. Available in 4 or 8 MOA dot size. (Note: A 4 MOA dot covers 4" at 100 yards). Order Your's Today!

Info/Order 135-JP4 JPoint 4 or 8 MOA Electronic Sight

* You will need a mount to fit your firearms... Please scroll down for mounts *

JPoint™ Brand Mounting Adaptors

General Applications

Info/Order 135-WP Heavy Duty Weaver Adaptor
Info/Order 135-SM1C Removable Mt for 1" Scope
Info/Order 135-SM30C Removable Mt for 30mm Scope
Info/Order 135-G Glock JP Mount
Info/Order 135-SIG SIG Arms pistols
Info/Order 210-AB23 Sig 220, 225, 226 (Tasco Mount)
Info/Order 135-NV Novak Type Sight Cut
Info/Order 135-GS Gunsmiths Blank Mount

Military New!

Info/Order 135-TANSN Fits Trijicon ACOG NSN
Info/Order 135-TAS Adapts 135-TANSN to All ACOGs 

Ruger Handguns

Info/Order 135-RP22 Ruger P Series/MkII 22 Pistol

1911 Pattern Handguns

Info/Order 135-11 Standard 1911 Fixed Sight Mt.
Info/Order 135-BM Bomar BMCS Mt.

Smith and Wesson Guns

Info/Order 135-SWR SW Revolver Mt.


Info/Order 135-LC Cleaner and Scratch Remover
Info/Order 135-JPCOVER Replacement JP Cover
Info/Order 135-RAIN JPoint Rain Shield
 Info/Order 135-GUARD Add-On Protective Wings
Info/Order 135-SHIM Reversible one degree shim

Info/Order 104-SB22 Glock 9mm, 40, 357
104-SB24 1911 Fixed Sight
Info/Order 104-SB34 Freedom Arms Revolver
Info/Order 104-SB39 H&K-USP Auto Pistols
Info/Order 104-SB40 Ruger Semi-Auto 22 Pistol
Info/Order 104-SB42 Beretta 92/96
Info/Order 104-SB43 Beretta Cougar
Info/Order 104-SB44 SW Sigma Series
Info/Order 104-SB45 Taurus Revolver

Aristocrat Brand JP Mounts

 Same as original Tasco Optima 2000 mounts only they're newly manufactured... New Production mounts
JPoint mounting baseJpoint revolver mount
Info/Order 210-AB23 Sig 220, 225, 226 (Tasco Mount)

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