Managed Recoil and Low Recoil Ammo from Remington and Federal - Low, managed recoil is easier to shoot well.
Managed Recoil and Low Recoil Ammo from Remington and Federal - It's MUCH easier to shoot accurately.

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Managed Recoil and
Low Recoil Ammo... At Last!

...It's Not Just for Women and Children!
Remington's "Managed Recoil" ammunition has been selling so well that Federal has jumped on the bandwagon with their own "Fusion Lite" ammo line. The success of this approach is not surprising to us at EABCO because we've been encouraging mild recoil ammo for years. Why? Because accurate shot placement is more deadly than magnum velocity! A cartridge that you are comfortable shooting is a cartridge you will enjoy shooting and practicing with and one you'll make great shots with.
What about trajectory? The truth is, pretty much any bottle necked cartridge with a pointed bullet can place shots accurately at 250-300 yards.
Remington Managed Recoil Ammo (20)

INFO 023-L270W2 270 Win 115 gr.
INFO 023-L7M081 7-08 Rem 140 gr.
INFO 023-L7MM4 7mm Mag 140 gr.
INFO 023-L308W1 308 Win 125 gr.
INFO 023-L30062  30-06 125 gr.
INFO 023-L300W1300 Win Mag 150 gr.

Federal Fusion Lite Ammo (20)

INFO 022-F308FSLR1 308 Win 170 gr.
INFO 022-F3006FSLR 30-06 170 gr.

EABCO Benchrest Magnum Ammo (20)

INFO 127-650811 6.5mm BRM 140 gr.

Try shooting low recoil ammo and see if you don't agree that it will improve your ability to shoot with accurate shot placement!
A recent article in American Rifleman featured the new Remington and Federal mild recoiling ammunition. Its interesting that the two companies took different approaches: Remington's ammo uses light bullets at the standard heavier bullet's velocity. Federal's ammo uses heavy bullets at low velocities. This illustrates a difference of opinion in the killing power of velocity versus momen-tum... an age old argument in which both sides have valid reasoning. The truth is, both of these ammunitions will work fine on deer sized game. (If you'd like to read a very good article on killing power, see our P.O. Ackley book Volume I.) We're very happy to see big names like Remington and Federal recognizing the effectiveness of ammunition as being something more than a magnum velocity game. Order some of this ammo above and see for yourself how much easier it is to shoot accurately!
Cartridge Velocity (fps) 50yd 100yd 150yd 200yd 250yd 300yd
Fed 308 LR 2000 1.68 2.32 0.0 -5.8 -15.69 -30.36
Fed 30-06 LR 2000 1.68 2.32 0.0 -5.8 -15.69 -30.36
Rem 270 MR 2710 1.04 2.25 1.97 0.0 -3.88 -9.94
Rem 7-08 Rem MR n/a .9 1.4 0.0 -3.6 - -
Rem 7mm Mag MR 2710 .94 2.08 1.81 0.0 -3.51 -8.88
Rem 308/30-06 MR 2660 1.18 2.46 2.14 0.0 -4.25 -10.93
Rem 300 Win Mag MR 2650 1.15 2.4 2.09 0.0 -4.1 -10.5
EABCO 6.5mm BRM 2400 1.44 2.75 2.32 0.0 -4.35 -10.9

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