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Riflescopes and Scope Manufacturers
Hawke Riflescopes and Sport Optics

Mueller Scopes Ultradot USA Red Dot Sights

Hawke | Bushnell | Mueller | Leupold | Swift | Tasco | Weaver

  We offer a wide variety of rifle scopes, red dot sights, pistol scopes, riflescope accessories, and rifle scope mounts. If you don't see the particular scope model you're looking for, remember we can usually get any scope you want within 2-3 days and our prices are the lowest... Call 800-950-9088!
  Our riflescopes and scope mounts offer high technology, special features, reliability, and a bargain price. Be sure to shop our Accessories, Mounts, and Other Categories Below.

Accessories, Mounts, and Other Categories

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How to Choose a Riflescope

  What's an "Adjustable Parallax"? What does a "Fast Focus Eyepiece" do? How big of an objective lens should I get? How much magnification should I use? These and many more questions are answered in our Free Tech Report, Rifle Scopes and Riflescope Technology - How to Choose a Riflescope. Read that article and you will be able to choose the right scope!
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Iron Sights

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Hawke Riflescopes

Hawke Riflescopes

 Hawke Optics is a British company that is famous for ballistic reticles and free downloadable software that calculates aiming points on the reticles. The quality of Hawke glass, scope durability, and scope features has established an excellent reputation. And scopes are available in price ranges to suit everyone's budget. Top of the line is the Hawke Sidewinder 30 Series (above), followed by the Panorama scopes, Endurance 30 Mildot models, Nite-Eye Digital illuminated reticle scopes, and Varmint Side Focus. We have a copy of the Hawke Scope Catalog PDF available for download (click the link).

Weaver RiflescopesWeaver Kaspa 223 Scope for AR15 RiflesWeaver Kaspa Tactical Riflescopes

Weaver Riflescopes

  Weaver Optics and Scopes has been innovating the tactical scope market with new scopes and scope features. The Weaver Kaspa series of Tactical Scopes (above) combine tough, 30mm tubes with ballistic reticles and real sniper capabilities. You can download the full Weaver Scope Catalog PDF to your computer... Just click the link.

Mueller APV Riflescope Matte Mueller APV Riflescope Silver

Mueller Riflescopes

  The Mueller All Purpose Variable (APV - Above) is one of our most successful riflescopes. The variable power, adjustable parallax, crystal clear image, and solid quality are common characteristics of the entire Mueller line of rifle scopes.

Swift Riflescopes 676MSwift Sur Lok Riflescopes

Swift Riflescopes

  Flagship of our Swift Optics scopes is the 676 model 4-12x40mm with Adjustable Objective (above left)... It's one of our original "Rifleman's" configurations. Swift has innovated and refined many of the popular features you see in today's riflescope industry.

Leupold Riflescopes

Leupold Riflescopes

  Leupold is a huge American success story and has earned a reputation world wide for the quality of their riflescopes. We carry the most popular models at extremely competitive prices. If you don't see what you want, Call us at 800-950-9088!

Tasco Riflescopes

Tasco Riflescopes

  Its an old and familiar name, Tasco... The company is now owned by Bushnell Precision Optics (BPO) but they still make the scopes we have liked for years. We carry the Tactical Varmint Models for their terrific value and features.

Bushnell RiflescopesBushnell Pistol Scopes

Bushnell Riflescopes

  We started with Bushnell years ago because they simply had the best pistol scopes (then under the Bausch and Lomb label). That association evolved into adding their variable power parallax adjustable riflescopes... Excellent optics.
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