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Timney Triggers... Improve Your Accuracy with a Better Trigger!

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Info/Order Timney AR15 Skeletonized
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 You have to have a good trigger pull if you want to shoot with the best accuracy. Unfortunately, mass production rifles don't come with triggers capable of top accuracy. Even adjustable factory triggers never seem capable of the clean crisp function you need to shoot your very best. Timney Triggers take a very logical approach to Fix That...
  In order for a trigger to have the lightest, cleanest, and most consistent pull, everything needs to be fit closer, straighter and tighter. But everyone knows you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, right? So, instead of trying to tune or repair a factory trigger, Timney Simply Replaces It!
  A Timney Trigger system is built from the ground up to be a superior trigger. The sear surfaces mate squarely. Sears are sharper, straighter, and hardened so they'll stay that way. And the parts are fit so that there's no wobble or "play". As a result, the sear surfaces mate exactly the same every time you cock your gun. This type of consistency allows a Timney Trigger to be adjusted with much more refinement for an exact pull weight, take-up, break, and over travel. You will shoot better when you replace your trigger with a Timney.
  60 Years of Innovation - Established in 1946 by Allen Timney, Timney Triggers was founded on the need for easy-to-install single stage triggers for shooting enthusiasts that were sporterizing military surplus rifles from World War II. Allen built triggers for bolt action Mausers, Springfields, and Enfields in those early years and his reputation for quality is the basis for Timney today!

Download Timney Trigger Installation Instruction PDFs (Below)

Ruger 10/22 | Savage 10/110 | AccuTrigger | AR15/AR10 Types | Remington 870 | Remington 700 | Rem 788 | Win Model 70 | Win 70 MOA
Mauser Sportsman | Mauser Feather Weight | Mauser Safety | Mosin-Nagant | Ruger 77 | 77 MkII | 77/22 | Weatherby/Howa
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Timney Triggers Background Information and History

  Founded in 1946, Timney Triggers began business by making replacement triggers for surplus Mauser bolt action rifles. Many of these rifles were being sporterized into hunting and target rifles and the demand for a refined trigger mechanism was strong. The Timney brand name became famous because of the idea of replacing the whole mechanism with a better one. Before Timney, gunsmiths and shooters were stuck trying to tune-up the rugged but unrefined military triggers... The veritable silk purse from a sow's ear. With the advent of the Timney Trigger, it was a simple matter to remove the original trigger mechanism and screw-on the new Timney mechanism in it's place.
  This approach has served Timney Triggers well for over 60 years with triggers for Remington, Winchester, and other big name bolt guns. And more recently, Timney introduced triggers for semi-auto rifles in the Ruger 10/22 and AR15 series of rifles.
  Some Interesting Facts: Every major component is manufactured in-house at Timney. All Timney Triggers are individually hand assembled, tested, and calibrated. And, they carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Timney Trigger Descriptions... A Trigger Selection Guide

  Here's a quick run down on the most popular Timney Triggers that we sell. Remember that you can get ordering information or place an order by clicking Info/Order above.
  Timney 10/22 Trigger System - The new 10/22 Trigger Guard Group (right) replaces the entire 10/22  trigger module with Timney's all metal unit that is precisely machined to include a pre-tuned (2.5 lbs) Timney Trigger mechanism as well as a lever action mag release. Some of the new Ruger 10/22s are coming with plastic trigger guard modules, so this is a nice upgrade of the module, trigger, and mag release all in one.
  Timney's Triggers for AR15 Rifles include a fancy "skeletized" version (right) as well as a lower priced solid metal trigger version, and an AR10 solid version, too. Drop-in pre-tuned (3 lb) triggers are a definite accuracy enhancement for the AR rifles.
  Timney's "870 Trigger Fix" for Remington 870 Shotguns has actually won awards, it has proven so effective. It replaces the sear with an adjustable alternative and comes with low, medium, and high tension springs. The result is an 870 trigger that is fully adjustable for your personal preference... You'll shoot better with a better trigger.
  Timney Triggers and Safeties for Remington 700 - The Remington 700 is one of the most successful hunting, bench rest competition, and military sniper rifles ever made... And Timney Triggers played a significant role in establishing that amazing reputation. That's because hunters, competitors, and snipers are knowledgeable shooters who demand a good trigger for optimum accuracy. These Timney 700 trigger replacements are made with extraordinary precision so they'll have the same trigger for each shot. They're adjustable from 1.5-4 lbs pull and also fully adjustable for take-up and over travel. Also available in a Straight (Uncurved) Trigger version.
  The Timney 700 trigger also replaces the controversial Remington factory safety. The Timney safety blocks the trigger, not the sear... This is better.
  Timney's Remington TACTICAL Triggers were created for the Bench-rest and long distance varmint shooters. With a knurled trigger bar, these triggers are even adjustable for length of pull! They can be rotated from side to side to put fire control right where you want, too. Adjustable from 4 to 10 ounces. Models for Rem 600 and 700.
  Timney's Savage 10 and 110 series trigger replacement will give you a perfect trigger pull for your best accuracy potential. Adjustable for take-up, over-travel, and trigger pull weight from 1.5-4 lbs, these triggers are held to far tighter tolerances than factory triggers... The geometry is held to within .0005 inch (5/10,000ths of an inch) for perfect and consistent fit and function! The only downside to the Savage Timney Trigger is that it only fits rifles made after 1977 and not including the AccuTrigger rifles.
  The Timney Trigger for Winchester Model 70 rifles (pre and post 64) has a pull that can be adjusted from 1˝ - 3˝ pounds. Like the Remington 700 Timney, this too is a favorite of military snipers. Completely adjustable for take-up and over-travel. This trigger has been recently redesigned to make it incredibly easy to install.
   Timney's Weatherby Vanguard trigger also fits the model 1500 series rifles from Howa, Smith & Wesson, and Mossberg. Adjustable from 1.5-4 lbs with an exclusive three position safety. Fully adjustable for take-up and over-travel, too. Install this trigger on your rifle and your improved trigger control will help you shoot better.
  For Ruger Bolt Action Rifles, Timney has two different trigger replacement systems. The Ruger M77 MKII trigger consists of two parts: The trigger and the sear. This system allows you to take the creep out of your trigger and dial in the pull weight you want. Trigger is constructed of 440-C stainless steel. Engagement surfaces are precision machined and polished. The sear is EDM cut, heat treated and tempered nickel plated steel. Fits new Hawkeye rifles with the LC6 trigger, wont fit VT rifles (factory 2 stage triggers). The Ruger Model 77 trigger is a enclosed trigger group with a lightweight alloy housing. Working parts are machined, hardened, ground, and polished, Tired of that heavy creepy trigger? This trigger will give you a crisp 1˝ - 3˝ lb. pull.
  Timney's Mosin Nagant trigger was designed in response to shooters requests and, with all of the surplus Nagants out there, it has become a phenomenal success. The Mosin-Nagant features a trigger blocking side safety, adjustable trigger pull weight – 1˝ to 4 pounds with heat treated components assembled in a lightweight alloy housing.
  Timney's Original Mauser trigger replacements are as popular as ever... Especially with the influx of military surplus 6.5x55 Swedish Mausers we've seen over the years. There are now three models: The Sportsman adjusts from 2-4 lbs. The Featherweight and Featherweight Deluxe adjust from 1.5-4 lbs. All are fully adjustable for take-up and over travel. There are different models of these triggers to fit Mauser models 98FN, 98K, 95 and 96, 91-94, and 91-94K... Be sure to pick the right one for your Mauser.
  Also, remember that with any and all trigger replacements, even "drop-in" fitted one, you may still need to inlet some clearance in your stock to allow proper function.
Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22 Triggers Guard Assembly
Timney 10/22 Trigger Guard Group
Timney Triggers for Savage Axis or Edge
Timney Triggers for Savage Axis/Edge

Timney Triggers Skeletized AR15 Trigger Group
Timney Triggers for AR15 Rifles

Timney Trigger Fix for Remington 870 Shotguns
Remington 870 Trigger Fix by Timney

Timney Triggers for the Remington 700 Rifle
Remington 700 Trigger & Safety

Timney Ruger Precision Rifle Trigger

Ruger® Precision Rifle Trigger by Timney

  The Timney RPR trigger is a self-contained, 100% drop-in trigger ready to install in your Ruger Precision Rifle for an exceptionally smooth, crisp, two-stage trigger pull. No gunsmithing, fitting, or adjusting required.
  The pull weight is factory calibrated for a half-pound first stage and a one-pound second stage. The first stage is user adjustable from ˝ pound to one pound and the second stage is user adjustable from ˝ pound to two pounds. The trigger is offered in straight and curved trigger shoes models. The trigger housing is constructed of military-grade, 6061 T6 alloy that is CNC machined using state-of-the-art robotics and is anodized for superior durability.
  The trigger is also CNC machined, heat treated and coated. The sear is wire EDM cut, heat treated to 58-60 Rockwell and Teflon-nickel coated for lubricity and dependable, long-lasting service life.

 Info/Order Timney Ruger Precision Rifle Trigger

Winchester Model 70 MOA Trigger by Timney Triggers

Winchester Model 70 MOA Replacement Trigger

  This self-contained, 100% drop-in unit is ready to install in your Winchester Model 70 rifle with the MOA trigger. The trigger features an exceptionally smooth, crisp, single-stage trigger pull and requires no gunsmithing or fitting. Just like all Timney bolt action rifle triggers the new Winchester MOA replacement is fully adjustable for Creep, follow through and pull weight.
  The lightweight, 6061 T6 aluminum alloy housing is anodized for superior durability. The sear is Wire EDM machined billet steel and combines hardness to resist wear with superior impact resistance and is Teflon-nickel plated for greatly enhanced lubricity. Other components are EDM cut from billet steel, then heat treated to R/C 56-60 for a long service life.  Click Here for Current Price and Ordering Information!
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